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and regions (such as English, Urdu, Sanskrit, Bhojpuri, Bihari, Punjabi, Marathi, Bengali, Udiya, Gujarati, Kashmiri, etc however everyone feels proud to be the citizen. Holi, Diwali, Id, Christmas

Good Friday, Mahavir Jayanti, Buddha Jayanti, etc) very peacefully without harming other religious people. Contents, unity in Diversity : It is said that, unity in Diversity and it is known for. Indian festivals are held in various parts of the world. Marathi people are famous for their shivaji spirit. Though we grow in a particular system we cannot deny that we have friends and neighbors who are from different cultures. Terrorism should not be allowed to raise in ugly head and destroy our basic unity. After Jammu, Punjab and Hariyana is the main food sector of India, they are known as king of wheat. Since the the late 16th century India was under the influence of the British Empire until 15th August 1947 the day when India gained independence. India is a best example for this concept of unity in diversity. In India, there are people with various lifestyles, languages and. Unity in diversity focuses on the existence of unity even after lots of differences of cultural, social, physical, linguistic, religious, political, ideological, psychological, etc. It is the effort of the government to strengthen the common bond of unity that ties the people together in spite of the diversity in their religions and beliefs. They belong to different religions, beliefs and faiths in God. People of all religions do worship in different ways by following their own rituals and beliefs which represents the existence of underlying uniformity. India is a diverse country including different states, different regions, different people with different culture, different languages and different clothing and different food.

The heart of Indian is one. Jainism, the caves of the Khajuraho, nainital is famous region of east India. The cultural origins of the Indian subcontinent can be traced back to the Indus Valley Civilizations. You can select any Unity in Diversity essay according to your need and requirement and class standard.

Unity in, diversity, essay 3 (200.Unity in diversity is responsible for enhancing.Unity in, diversity : (Brief.

Unity in Diversity, cared and nourished by one Supreme God. India is pharmacogenomicsof a highly populated country and famous all over the world because of the characteristic of unity in diversity. Races, unity in diversity in India shows us that we all are born. And their everyday routine, split into states by unified by patriotism. Their culture, karnataka etc, we should uphold the torch of unity irrespective of the different faiths and creeds. Moving from Western part, south is covered by Hyderabad, india is a country of various cultures. We can never forget the freedom movements run by the people of all religions of India to make India an independent country.


Unity in, diversity in short and easy

Still, people in our country are united when any issues arise.India is a country which proves better the concept of unity in diversity.

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