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the decision then the baton falls with them (Participant 7, Group 2). The issues are also relevant to adult social care; for example, the move towards more person-centred support

could provide tensions between user choice and professional accountability. Difficulties can arise when working in a multi-agency partnership as each agency may have their own agenda or expectations of outcomes. In his article, Harris defines defensive practice as practices which are deliberately chosen in order to protect the professional worker, at the possible expense of the well-being of the client ( Harris, 1987,. P at the apex stands for promise and possibility whilst C on the left represents capacities, competencies and character. In the discussions, what appeared to be sacrificed is water a middle ground where behaviour could be regarded as imperfect but good enough. Another participant explicitly discussed the psychological function of defensive practice as providing a sense of control in a situation of intense uncertainty: We work in such anxious settings and the uncertainty is so great, that sometimes working defensively is the only control that you may. After students had voted anonymously, they were invited to discuss the reasons for their choices in the focus group. For some, following rules and being compliant can appear less risky than carrying the personal responsibility for exercising judgment ( Munro, 2010,. When the first scenario was presented, almost half of the participants chose the middle response of moderate defensive practice and very few tried to argue that it was not defensive practice (7 per cent). In conclusion, Kolbs Reflective Cycle (1984) was useful in the reflection of my practice concerning BB as it allowed me to take into account Scottish Social Services Council (sssc) Codes of Practice, particularly Section.1 and.2. One rationale offered was that sins of commission were more likely to be interpreted as deliberate, whilst sins of omission could be explained away in more benign ways. Part 1: Understanding the nature of defensive practice In the first part of the focus groups, participants discussed defensive practice in general and why practitioners might engage. A central focus was the relationship between practitioners and managers, particularly the sharing or avoiding of responsibility, not challenging managers and avoiding supervision. Evaluation of the original concerns need to be considered and changes that have occurred acknowledged.

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Corcoran and NicholsCasebolt 2004 put forward the ideas that the strengths perspective underlies the concepts of protective factors and resilience in which people are not only able to keele font standard essay survive. Reflective Practice And Risk Essay, stanford, cCW. Participants increasingly sought to justify the actions of the social worker in the scenario Table. Social workers get a chance to observe service users during meetings with them. Had already completed an initial 100day placement and were finishing their finalyear placement.

Social work risk management essays

What we are arguing is that participantsapos. Rutter, provoked by increasing levels of medical malpractice lawsuits. And those that related to working within the organisation. Such as when professional intervention enables a family or youtube creative writing individual to start on or return to a positive pathway. Evaluation also gives the worker an opportunity to explore the input made by both the service user and the worker Coulshed.

Putting procedures before clients (Participant 7, Group 1).However, this finding suggested that viewing defensive practice as conscious and deliberately chosen behaviour did not capture the subtle and often unconscious aspects of many real-life situations.Thematic analysis was used to analyse the qualitative data and transcripts were coded using NVivo 10 qualitative data analysis software.


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Keywords: Defensive practice, accountability, anxiety, new public management, focus groups.I undertook research regarding parental resilience and according to Hill et al (2007) a vast array of research shows that parents in poverty or facing other stressors usually cope better when they have one or more close relationships outside the household and these are activated.Risk management is discovering and controlling the dimensions of the proposed risk into a plan to manage the risks; it is involved with implementing, monitoring, influencing, controlling and reviewing the risk decision.

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