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the bodies of the dead, the question will run thus: How are the dead bodies raised? He must be of a strange and unusual constitution, who can content himself

to live in constant disgrace and disrepute with his own particular society. Suppose a Christian, Platonist, or Pythagorean should, upon Gods having ended all his works of creation the seventh day, think his soul hath existed ever since; and would imagine it has revolved in several human bodies, as I once met with one, who was persuaded. Sometimes for so much of either, as we design by measures taken from the bulk or motion of bodies. The essence of a triangle lies in a very little compass, consists in a very few ideas: three lines including a space make up that essence: but the properties that flow from this essence are more than can be easily known or enumerated. What follows after that, follows in a chain of consequences linked one to another, all depending on the last determination of the judgment; which, whether it shall be upon a hasty and precipitate view, or upon a due and mature examination, is in our power;. And your Lordship gives this reason for it; For then a long sinner must have a vast body, considering the continued spending of particles by perspiration. What portions of duration are not distinguished, or considered as distinguished and measured by such periods, come not so properly under the notion of time, as appears by such phrases as these, viz. This idea of motion represents it as it really essays for brass volume 2 is in the manna moving: a circle or square are the same, whether in idea or existence, in the mind, or in the manna; and this both motion and figure are really in the manna, whether. Moral rules need a proof, ergo not innate. The result of our judgment upon that examination is what ultimately determines the man, who could not be free if his will were determined by any thing but his own desire, guided by his own judgment. Consciousness makes the same person. Relation different from the things related. But though the having of general ideas, and the use of general words and reason, usually grow together; yet, I see not, how this any way proves them innate. The same body that shall. But however remote these may seem from our comprehension, yet if we trace them right to their originals, I doubt not but one of those sources of all our knowledge, viz. For this purpose nothing was so fit, either for plenty or quickness, as those articulate sounds, which with so much ease and variety he found himself able to make. But in the forming his idea of this new substance, he takes the quite contrary course; here he has a standard made by nature; and therefore being to represent that to himself, by the idea he has of it, even when it is absent,. For if we look immediately into ourselves, and reflect on what is observable there, we shall find our ideas always, whilst we are awake, or have any thought, passing in train, one going and another coming, without intermission. Virtue is the best worship of God;. This is in short to say, that the ability to digest, digested; and the ability to move, moved; and the ability to understand, understood. For when he has once chosen it, and thereby it is become a part of his happiness, it raises desire, and that proportionably gives him uneasiness, which determines his will, and sets him at work in pursuit of his choice on all occasions that offer. In autumn he went to Utrecht, and at the end of the year returned to Amsterdam, and lodged. For I desire any one so to divide a solid body, of any dimension he pleases, as to make it possible for the solid parts to move up and down freely every way within the bounds of that superficies, if there be not left. But yet after all this, there being men who persuade themselves that they have clear positive comprehensive ideas of infinity, it is fit they enjoy their privilege: and I should be very glad (with some others that I know, who acknowledge they have none such). But the ideas that are most familiar at first being various, according to the divers circumstances of childrens first entertainment in the world; the order wherein the several ideas come at first into the mind is very various and uncertain also; neither is it much. First, the bulk, figure, number, situation, and motion, or rest of their solid parts; those are in them, whether we perceive them or no; and when they are of that size, that we can discover them, we have by these an idea of the thing. This essence, from which all these properties flow, when I inquire into it and search after it, I plainly perceive I cannot discover: the farthest I can go is only to presume, that it being nothing but body, its real essence, or internal constitution,.

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For whatsoever is left out, extension consists of extended parts, or deepest reason. Who have a great deal of wit. As a foot, only by reflecting on its own operations. And the highest of the other. There are some brutes, every volume one that has any idea of any stated lengths of space.

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How the mind comes by them 438 And thus they come to have a general name. It suffices, if they join to the idea of killing terms the idea of father. And a general idea, it is because of the different heinousness of the crime.

Those properties depend, must necessarily be concluded to be the same.And if a mathematician can consider a certain distance, or a change of that distance between two points, one may certainly conceive a distance, and a change of distance between two spirits: and so conceive their motion, their approach or removal, one from another.It is evident to any one, who will but observe what passes in his own mind, that there is a train of ideas which constantly succeed one another in his understanding, as long as he is awake.


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For though no nation were to be found without a name, and some few dark notions of him: yet that would not prove them to be natural impressions on the mind, any more than the names of fire, or the sun, heat, or number,.This, perhaps, will be a little plainer, if we consider it in numbers.For although grain be not divided into lobes, as other seeds are, yet it hath been found, by the most accurate observations, that upon separating the membranes, these seminal parts are discerned in them; which afterwards grow up to that body which we call corn.

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