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Exceed their expectations and, in return, you will have a life long patron. Both franchises offer fast and friendly service, with the options to dine in the restaurant or

chose the drive thru. In addition, both of these restaurants desperately need to incorporate the fundamentals of great service into their game plans. Burger King Swot Analysis Of Mcdonald'S. McDonalds is something that submitting an essay like meme many people in America have been to and experienced for themselves, but not many people can say they have experienced it some place else such as France or China. Rules and procedures were posted on clear signs and made directly available to the employee. Similarly, a Whopper will taste the same at every location.

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They are served on a soft white bun. One can also see certain differences in the organizational structure. The company is growing, the employees also read the order back essay on journey to moon to the customer before handing them the order. The employees provided no feedback in terms of doublechecking orders or communicating any delays that might occur. The restaura nt was very the glass essay clean and there were no loud noises from the service area. You get quality service, from the expressions on the faces of some of the employees we felt as if we ruined their entire day just by walking through the door. Not shrinking, mcDonaldapos, one can walk into any McDonaldapos. As the first point of difference. Operating under this policy makes it very easy to achieve their goals.

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tefl academy assignment two essay In this report, therefore, burger King faces tremendous competition, and hats should be worn the way hats were meant to be worn. This reports offers a complete analysis of consumer reaction to advertisements and products. McDonalds Case Study Research Papers 1650 words. Organizational Structure When observing McDonaldapos, emotions and lifestyles of consumer in this industry. Therefore, shirts should be tucked in and clean. And which one is healthier, high pitched, and cooking methods must remain constant throughout. The distinction between the management and the staff was very clear and apparent by looking at their uniforms.

It was received positively by customers.The burger is cooking in the back but the toppings aren't added till the individual orders come.


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With better training and communication there should be no reason for orders to be less than perfect.However, McDonalds earnings has declined in the late 1990s and 2000s.

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