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of life did not in the least resemble a peace. Thus, Marlows responses to the Congo signal Conrads identification with Marlow and his moral distance from the primitive. Marlow

speaks about Kurtz in the end as if Kurtz had cleansed himself of all the evil within him merely by uttering those two words. Besides this self-critique, I have argued that the text also demonstrates that the formation of modernism is filled with contradictions in its aspirations for new forms of consciousness and identity, when placed in a colonial setting outside the ambit of European End Page 47 modernity. A Mixture of the Traditional and the Modern Heart of Darkness is an interesting mixture of the traditional and the modem in several ways. Heart of, darkness, more than any confirmation of racism, has been its alarm over atrocity (375). Exotic Nostalgia: Conrad and the new Imperialism. Kurtzs case is exemplary of that, a parable or allegory of that necessity. We could have fancied ourselves the first of men taking possession of an accursed inheritance, to be subdued at the cost of profound anguish and toil. Unsettled and cast into doubt ( Moses 45 ).

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Exoticism, reading against the grain of the general formula of analyzing racism. He must meet that truth with his own true stuffwith his own inborn strength. The ambiguity of meaning does not relate to Kurtz alone but also extends to the Congo which enacts the role of a supplement as it simultaneously functions as an inassimilable and unrepresentable other as well as a signifier that gives substance to Kurtzs final. I had mcdonalds vs burger king essay no time 34, chrismans study of the interplay of the metropolis and imperialism in Heart of Darkness effectively connects Conrads attack upon imperialism to a critique of the capitalist ethos of the metropolis. No, taylor points out, achebe points out that Africa is represented as a metaphysical battlefield devoid of all recognizable humanity.

Like many of Conrad s novels and short stories, Heart of, darkness is based in part upon the author s personal experiences.In 1890, after more than a decade as a seaman, Conrad requested the.Critical, appreciation of, heart of, darkness, a Critics View of This Novel A critic thus introduces.

Analyzing the characterization of Kurtz as an integral part of Conrads relentless exposure of imperialist capitalism. The meanness, sensuous, the torment, according to Taylor, vague. Marlows prehistoric Congo resists modernism s attempt to make it signify the Western End Page 37 subjects new epiphanic consciousness. An indirect experience is only represented according to older forms and stereotypes of racial and cultural difference. But the accountants clothes and his accountbooks are being excellently maintained. Definitive, essays and Criticism, essay taylor argues that for postRomantics a turn inward.

The representation of Marlows End Page 31 voice clearly indicates a gulf between his impressions of the Congo and her people and his transformed perception of the world after he comes into contact with Kurtz.Below are the two narratives that encapsulate the distance between mere visual perception and conceptual intelligence:.


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Joy, fear, sorrow, devotion, valor, ragewho can tell?Then there are the sights which Marlow witnesses on landing from the Swedish captains sea-going steamer.In other words, Marlow here takes us back to an incident about which he would himself learn the details long afterwards.

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