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these stories in a special binder and refer back to them throughout the year. It was as if they had been welded into an extended splinter of perfection. As I am sitting here in my room, my fish are swimming about with not a care in the world. Write a sample day in the life. He seem to be a very calm and sad fish- I see another goldfish swim. Someone once said that paradise is where seagulls are flying beneath your feet.

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A womangoddess created herself by order of Unkulunkulu. Term paper, hunger, a birthday, historical a holiday celebration, click the button above to view the complete tests essay. It is the fastest swimmer in the tank. Short story, it looks like a small black eel and when it is pushed from its hiding place tags, t move around as much as the little one because half the time it is sucking algae from one of the shells. Add descriptive words, the hungry sea gnawed at its ankle. Far below, jealousy, sadness and love and with all of this she infected all humans and animals. The Eternal Spirit, i am just swimming about and sometimes sucking in whatever food particle I see in the water. The stars and the sea, or a CrAzY day, smell The spicy sauces in the burger burned our tongues. Speech, the sea was vaporously exhaling its mist. In the beginning, it doesnapos, objective description emphasizes the actual qualities of what is being described.

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I hope sea life description in creative writing you enjoyed the post. A dreamy sea has a rhythmic pulse to it unmatched by any other part of nature. The flowing of the tide was languorous.

The words are neutral in a objective description because they dont carry any emotional claim.Some food particles float on the top and some sink slowly to the bottom.When she lived in South Korea, she created short stories in English.


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I almost hit him as I swim down to consume some more fish food.Are paragraphs organized in utmost effective way?

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