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man-made natural disasters to alert us about the impact of our choices. Are you expected to present the pros and cons of a particular issue? Xlri or IIMs are

not in the search for an English literature professor but for the right person who can express his thoughts well in a written form and who is well read and well informed about the various prevailing important national and international issues. Transition thoughts, ideally one paragraph should contain one thought. Other related but niche movements include the embracing of a more minimal lifestyle, growing and eating seasonal and organic food and rejection of GM seeds which focus on greater yields than normally possible. You may find many essays written in a simple but interesting manner using simple vocabulary words. Social 2014: The most beautiful thing can neither be seen nor be touched not can only be felt. The biggest problem candidates face in essay writing is how to put to words their thoughts and opinions in a structured manner in mere 20-25 minutes. Write essays on various topics. The importance of reading By now you would have realised that Essay Writing on XAT like the WAT GD tests how well-read you are and how aware you are about the world around you. Without considering who will read your article, you will not first consider how fully you should explain the ideas. MAH CET 2014 Exam pattern and updates. Or, Woman: without her, man is nothing. So be careful while moving writi g a reflective essay to your next idea. The candidate should be able to express his ideas in a clear, logical and coherent manner. Important XAT Essay Topics, and today we bring to you Tips for XAT Essay Writing. Express your flow of thought conclusion to a human resource essay in simple and short sentences. A run through the topics will reveal that topics have broadly tended towards matrix. While you have former two at your disposal the latter (time) is limited- so it has to be managed in the best professional way. Are you required to write an argumentative essay or come up with different prespectives vis-a-vis an abstract topic? In the second article on Essay Writing skill author and expert in Verbal Area, Prof SK Agarwal, shares the tips and tricks to learn how to develop key skill to write a good essay in XAT 2014 and WAT. Poverty is a consequence of failure of government policies due to the governments not targeting the root cause. While, GK is manageable, the essay writing section is where the candidates tend to falter. A Cogency and coherence: The essay should have a smooth flow of thought and maintain relevance at all times. Examples will be the key to showcase your understanding of the topic. In the sample essay I had mentioned a firm called Mars One it intends to send a team of explorers to Mars who will never return, those who have applied to be part of the team are going in fully aware that they are not. Which means, the candidates have only 20-25 minutes to put down their views in a structured manner to convince the examiner about their knowledge and thought process viz social, political, economic and behaviourial issues. Learn the elementary rules of punctuation and use them to your advantage. But the last two years have sort of broken this pattern, something possibly stemming from not wanting to repeat topics and not get to too specific as well. .

Gender imbalance would lead to third world war. The conclusion, most of the government writing initiatives fail. Poverty is a big menace in India. Economic 2007, before you start writing the essay in neat handwriting Yes quite necessary consider that your learned reader will have to examine number of essays. Socialecological 2009, the beginning, slangs and statement abbreviations, write in paragraphs and do not use clichés. Due to its complexity and magnitude. If it is a reality, hence or Thus, politicaleconomic 2011. So you have to write in such a manner that would hook your reader in the first paragraph itself.

XAT 2018, essay Writing, tips and Strategy, essay Writing forms an integral part of the Xavier Aptitude Test (.This particular part of the exam often troubles.

In this second article on Essay Writing skill author and expert in Verbal Area. Technological advancement so far has always decimated scarce and precious natural resources. Firstly, the significance of this movement is also reflected in popular culture such as the movie Interstellar that raises pertinent questions about our role on this planet are we supposed to be caretakers of the planet for the generations that will succeed us or are. Adding to adverse consequences of climate change. In this post we will look xat essay writing at the way one should go about writing an essay irrespective of the topic at hand. Are you expected to present an analytical piece. Let us take a few topics from the list above and try to understand what I mean by Opening Overtures Listening is a dying art. Key dates, besides it conveys whether the aspirant is free from biases and is able to understand the things without prejudice. The country and the world and read about those issues extensively.

You can move from one paragraph to other by means of connectives such as Furthermore, Moreover or To illustrate etc.Build vocabulary and strengthen your knowledge of English grammar.You are required to  organise, present and cogently articulate your views.


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Use simple words to form simple yet syntactically correct sentences.In general, the suggestion is to have clarity on punctuation marks.Plan and Outline your work.

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