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most important keywords in the meta description. Social Share Counter by TEP which helps you check the total number of social shares and create more content based on

the topic widely shared across the social media platforms. Thanks for reading the article. Keep the main part of the page summary with focus keyword at the start of the description otherwise it gets cut off once it appears on the serps. If you are using social media platform quite often, then you must use our. Advanced Tips For Writing Killer Meta Descriptions So, how do you unleash a click-through-compelling meta description? The easiest way to write a meta description that sells is to always mention your unique selling proposition and any special deals or discounts you offer. They just scan through the meta description and if it seems compelling and conveys the right idea, they definitely give a quick read to your content. You are most welcome to approach me in the comment section if you are unsure or have any question. You can check my previous article where I have discussed how to write, sEO friendly blog post titles. Similar to how you would conduct keyword research, you have to always be thinking about what your business is about, what it sells, and what customers you want to have visiting your site. Comparing your content with others gives you a benefit of analyzing content and helps you come with more impressive ideas that make your description unique and explicitly relevant to the main topic. It means everything when you take the time to think about. If your content is shared across the web or any social media platform then some part of meta description also appears on the shared webpage link. It is very important that you know what keywords you need to include for your meta description so your pages will be able to show up when people search for terms about your business. It is important to note that the query I have searched doesnt totally match with the title of the search appearing at the top but Google still prefers. Only a few of them stand out from others who follow proper protocols to remain in the race of getting more visitors. It is okay to leave the meta description for long tail keyword and allow the Google to pull out the suitable description for your page where it shows the main keywords supported by the surrounding data of the webpage. Do Not Use"tion Marks. Heres how he explained it: The first metric I think Google makes broad use of is direct Click-Through Rate (CTR) from the serps themselves.

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Only you wont see any ad icon beside the how to write a killer meta description domain URL. Make sure it contains the main keyword and is super relevant to the topic you are discussing. Meta Description Exceptions Google always strives to keep their visitors demands on the top and provide the most relevant information.

Learn how to write effective meta descriptions for pages across your website in this simple guide from the digital marketing experts at Hallam.By writing killer meta descriptions.And the more people who click through those serp entries, the better our site will rank in Google.

Main SEO strategy is now divided into two types. I have searched the query what is artificial intelligence and Google showed me following with top two results in serp. Use biology The Right Words, how it is written and relevant to the solution of the problem visitors are searching for. In order to be compelled to click. I can make the case that meta descriptions are important for SEO. A user in Anchorage Alaska will see a very different result.

Majority of open graph plugins auto fill the og: description field with your meta description.Meta tags, also known as data tags, are enclosed between the opening and closing head tags of the html code.While meta description in the second search in long and exactly matches with my search query.e What is Artificial Intelligence but Google still assigns it the second spot in serp.


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You are creating content for your visitors more than for yourself.Advertising on Google might be a viable way to get more customers for some businesses, but if youre a business owner thats looking for a cheaper solution to your problem, wed like to talk about an alternative which can also get you the leads you.Think about how bombarded the world has become with phones and social media comprising much of the time people spend.

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