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below expressions and try to be as specific as possible. According to the Expresso website, the goal is to teach effective writing techniques using concrete examples. If youre exposed

to such mistakes often enough, you may start thinking they are correct but its important that you dont let them creep into dangers of fast food essay your writing. You decide to employ two acronyms for terms used throughout your proposal: plwhas for people living with HIV/aids, pmtct for prevention of maternal-to-child transmission. They are lurking throughout scientific writing, and once you learn to recognize them, deleting these useless words is an easy way to free up space. Read the essay to see if all of the adjectives used are needed, and remove those which dont add to the meaning of the sentence being written. Lets pretend you are writing a proposal to study the molecular mechanisms underlying maternal-to-child HIV transmission, with an eye towards better prevention methods. Reducing the word count by two words may not seem like a big deal, but if you make similar changes throughout a manuscript, you will find that it frees up a lot of space! The following words and phrases are considered too informal for a dissertation. Here are some of the worst offenders: The fact that, it has been reported that. Duke Graduate School Scientific Writing Resource. Go through the essay and ask if each one is needed and remove those that arent. The sample isnt, the sample is not, kind of, sort of, the findings were kind of significant. It is also more formal than the ways in which we normally speak. Taboo, example, alternative, a bit. Nominalization simply means turning a verb into a noun. Cops, cool ) Not gender neutral (e.g. Some adverbs of frequency (such as always and never superlatives (which are terms that indicate something is of the highest degree, such as the best and intensifiers (which are words that create emphasis, such as very ) are often too dramatic. This is due uk paper sittingbourne to the fact that when you use a verb thats not quite correct, you usually need to add more words to clarify your meaning. Style Tips: Avoiding Over-Nominalization. Science that has a maximum word limit of 2500. Too many acronyms can make a piece of writing difficult to read, but for long phrases that are used often, consider using acronyms. Having troubles formulating sentences? Have you repeated information, almost verbatim, at both the beginning and ending of your manuscript? The interviews were a bit difficult to schedule, the interviews were (difficult/somewhat difficult) to schedule, a lot of, a couple of, a lot of studies (Many/several/a great number of/eight) studies. Simply copy and paste the text youre working on into the appor write directly in the text fieldand let Expresso analyze your writing. Banishing redundancy is crucial when you are working under the constraints of a tight word limit. Yes, it sounds obvious, but too often we present the same information multiple times throughout a manuscript. Expresso teaches these techniques by applying them directly to your writing.

Your i, its also better to replace phrasal verbs with their oneword alternatives. Bear in mind that these guidelines do not apply to text you are directl" Till, the results can clearly be seen. The findings were juliet somewhat significantsignificant to some degree til.

You can reduce word count without effecting the substance of the writing, though.Getting your ideas down on paper in the least amount of words possible.When it comes to writing essays, there are two frequent issues that arise; the word count is either too low or too high for the stated range of the.

How to reduce the words in an essay

If this is what you are writing. Taboo Example Alternative Has gothave got This dissertation has got four chapters This dissertation has four chapters Serves. Worst, thanks, more direct sentence, processing your vote, even by native. But try to use them sparingly. As these sections have a more personal voice than the rest of the document. The website explains, extremely, most, your vote is saved, paring down writing is one of the best ways to improve. We just saved a couple words and ended up with a fresher. Mankind Exceptions Reflective how reports sometimes have a less formal tone. Helps to This chapter serves to explain This chapter explains Generally incorrect It is not uncommon that words and phrases are used inappropriately.

But remember: use acronyms sparingly, saving them for when they are truly needed, and always define them at first use.The app is also useful for analyzing the writing of others.Once upon a time, using the passive voice was practically demanded of scientists.


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Try typing a passage from your favorite book into Expresso, or compare the styles of a range of authors, to identify what makes their writing so powerful.Nature and, science actually prefer the active voice!

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