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with suggested practical experiments. contact forces and non-contact forces, scalar and vector quantities Revision Notes Topic.1.2 Contact and non-contact forces Know that a force is a push or pull

that acts on an object due to the interaction with another object. Just make a list on paper. This is the most important resource. The magnetic field around a solenoid has a similar shape to that of a bar magnet. You should be able to calculate the resultant of two forces that act in a straight line. The work done by a force on an object can be calculated using the equation: work done force distance moved along the line of action of the force, W F s work done, W, in joules; J ; force, F, in newtons, N ; distance. Although there is no consequence for the candidate if they haven't completed the practicals, the exam centre has to offer them the opportunity and 'take all reasonable steps' to ensure that they have done them. Revision summary help for the 9-1 AQA gcse. Individual Sciences Edit For individual science igcses, the examination consists usually of two papers - the first is taken by those studying for combined/double science and also the single science award (eg Biology only while the second is taken only by 'single science' candidates. You should recognise and be able to use the symbol that indicates an approximate value or answer. Single Award Combined Science Edit Single Award Science igcse is offered by CIE currently, and a new specification from Edexcel for exams from 2019. Topic.5 Momentum ( HT only ) essay on pigeon bird (revision notes summary for AQA 9-1 gcse Combined Science Trilogy: Physics Paper 6, Topic 22 "Forces Topic.5.1 Momentum is a property of moving objects ( HT only ) Know that momentum is a property of moving objects. Alternatively you could probably do without this book by comparing the syllabus to the individual science textbooks. A2 Externally Marked Practical Assignment Past Papers. The weight of an object and the mass of an object are directly proportional. See the individual subject pages for more information on: Combined Science - Double Award Edit igcse Double Science awards are available to private candidates, from Edexcel, CIE and AQA. Command words 1 Command words 2 from AQA Answering the 6-mark questions Guide to quality of written communications and the longer questions from AQA About the controlled assessments. You should be able to calculate average speed for non-uniform motion. Electromagnetic radiation Radio waves Microwaves Infrared radiation Visible light Ultraviolet light X-rays Gamma rays Energy increasing energy of radiation (J) Frequency increasing frequency of radiation (Hz) Wavelength decreasing wavelength of radiation (m) 'picture trend' Our eyes detect visible light and so only detect a limited.

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Topic Factors affecting braking distance 1 Know that the braking distance of a vehicle can essay be affected by adverse road and weather conditions and poor condition of the vehicle. Totally exambased, medical Physics Section B Past Papers. The length of the arrow represents the magnitude. How is science gcse organised, see the Biology, they may still be required to invite you to carry them out other on their premises. How to learn science, s interpretation of the rules, and the direction of the arrow the direction of the vector quantity.

(OCR) gcse Past Papers.AQA A-Level Physics Past Papers.A Level Particles, Quantum Phenomena and Electricity papers.

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Forces Know that speed does not involve direction. The greater paper the stopping distance, distancetime graphs gcse physics revision notes Topic Speed revision notes summary for AQA 91 gcse Combined Science Trilogy. Speed and velocity the relationship between distance and time. Topic 22" new science 91 gcses for exams from 2018 do not have practical assessments 2 Electromagnetic waves revision notes summary for AQA 91 gcse Combined Science Trilogy. If you are studying the International gcses. For a given braking force the greater the speed of the vehicle. Provided that the limit of proportionality is not exceeded. But unfortunately it seems they will still be inaccessible to most private candidates.

W m Weight is measured using a calibrated spring-balance (a newtonmeter).For on-line Maths and Science homework help and tuition and for any questions you have, do email me (bobfostertuition at m) or leave a comment.


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You should be able to estimate, the speed, accelerations and forces involved in large accelerations for everyday road transport.The frequency of a wave is the number of waves passing a point each second.A force that stretches (or compresses) a spring does work and elastic potential energy is stored in the spring.

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