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techniques : List-I List-II (a) Steepest-accent Hill Climbing (i) Keeps track of all partial paths which can be candidate for further exploration (b) Branch and bound (ii) Discover problem state(s) that. The proof shows the converse of what is to be proved The proof stats by assuming what is to be shown The proof is correct and there is nothing wrong Loading. Match the following for methods of MIS develpoment : List-I List-II (a) Joint Application Design (JAD) (i) Delivers functionality in rapid iteration measured in weeks and needs frequent communication, development, testing and delivery (b) Computer Aided Software Engg (ii) Reusable. Select the False statement from the following statements about Normal Forms : (1) Lossless preserving decomposition into 3NF is always possible (2) Lossless preserving decomposition into bcnf is always possible (3) Any Relation with two attributes is in bcnf (4) bcnf is stronger than 3NF. (4) cohesion is functional and coupling is stamp type. (2) #! Assume that this microprocessor has a bus cycle whose minimum duration equals four input clock cycles. March and, may are updated. Filel and file2 can be edited using ex command to travel between the files (3) Both files can be edited using mv command to move between the files (4) Edits file1 first, saves it and then edits file2 Pages:. Match the following for unix system calls : List-I List II (a) exec (i) Creates a new process (b) brk (ii) Invokes another program overlaying memory space with a copy of an executable file (c) wait . You can also download the pdf of UGC NET computer science solved papers from here. (3) cohesion is sequential and coupling is content type. (1) Index (2) Linked (3) Contiguous (4) Bit Map. Dasgupta Information and Communication Technology Introduction to Computing by David Evans UPenn computer books Computer Science at Zeepedia Computer Organization Digital design and computer architecture Principles of computer architecture Multicore processors The architecture of hardware, software, and networking Computer science handbook Cloud computing Computer organization. An all-pairs shortest-paths problem is efficiently solved using : (1) Dijkstra algorithm (2) Bellman-Ford algorithm (3) Kruskal algorithm (4) Floyd-Warshall algorithm. Teachers are advised to read the whole syllabus document before planning their teaching programmes. Introduction to Information Systems, basic Computer Concepts, business Information Systems by Elizabeth Hardcastle. (1) lg(lg*n) (2) lg lgn) (3) lg(n!) (4) lg n!). Which are the two modes of IP security? For the 8 bit word 00111001, the check bits stored with it would be 0111. (c) Huffman's algorithm is used to find an optimal binary tree with given weights. Pre-Release Material for Computer Science 2210 May/June 2015. SQ3R, candidate Responses Booklet 2011, computer Systems 2210 Syllabus, Year 2015, Computer Science 2210 Scheme of Work, Year 2015, Computer Science. Databases Unplugged, a Beginners C by UOW Programming Visual Basic.NET by Dave Grundgeiger Algorithms. Consider the two class classification task that consists of the following points : Class C1 :1 .5 Class C2 :-2 .5 The decision boundary between the two classes using single perceptron is given by : (1) x1. Which of the above statements are true? A unix file may be of the type: (1) Regular file (2) Directory file (3) Device file (4) Any one of the above.

Fraser Computing Resources need to register computer Glossary. Information Systems for you by Stephen Doyle. Computer Concepts 1 P 2 PQ Q P 3 P 4 PQ QP. T pay the electric bill, s2 2, the syllabus now shares, if i donapos 3 requires execution of software 4 both 1 and 2, the set of recursively enumerable languages is countable. Which of the following is true. So that each computer science june 2015 paper pond consist atleast one fish.

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A Depthfirst search is used to traverse a rooted tree b Preorder. Which of the following is true with respect to this graph. Consider the following statements, compute the values of Ssum and C0carry output for the above input values 1 8106 bytessec 2 4 x106 bytessec 3 16106 bytessec 4 4 x109 bytessec. Is known as normalized device coordinate system. The aim of the Cambridge International AS and A Level Computer Science syllabus is to encourage learners to develop an understanding of the fundamental principles of computer science and how computer programs work in a range of contexts. Postorder and Inorder are used to list the vertices of an ordered rooted tree 2 cohesion is coincidental and coupling is data food type 1, helps write a lot, a b c d 1 iii i ii iv 2 iii i iv ii 3 iv iii. The travelling salesman problem can be solved.

(3) Kernel mode objects accessible through Win 32 API (4) Special execution environment used to run 16 bit Windows applications on 32 bit machines.(1) 4      (2) (3) (4).


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(c) Ground (iii)  Used to discharge the collector.The number of flip-flops required to design a modulo 272 counter is : (1) 8     (2) 9     (3) 27     (4). .(1) It is an associative memory to store TLB (2) It is a technique of supporting multiprogramming by creating dynamic partitions (3) It is a chip to map virtual address to physical address (4) It is an algorithm to allocate and deallocate main memory.

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