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good sides of war. As I said, war brings destruction. Inflation is also a problem. WHY IS WAR wrong? In recent great wars, millions of men, women and children were killed, many died of diseases, famines and untold sufferings. It brings in awful loss of life. For example during the Great Depression, unemployment rate decreased. That is not all as it brings in international hatred and bitterness also with itself that remain to be seeds of more wars in the future. The essay in spanish about school Essay Store. Television and newspapers show us the pictures: the destruction, the injured survivors, the dead. In war zones law and order disappear, and no-one is safe. Like the French, their production grew faster after WW1 and WW2. Usually if we see or hear the word war we think about the negative sides first. But war is worse. If the countries do not feel satisfied they might go into a second war and then a third and. They would need better more powerful strategies and weapons than the enemys so they research and develop in technology. Few people will be found to defend war as a good thing, especially after awful experiences of two Great World Wars. War is bad essay jealousy My birth story essay pdf essay on pigeon x ray, essay about motherland quran essay in street essay about football player essay topics for the awakening the hooligans. Out of destruction comes a new beginning. For the citizens this is very disappointing because all this money would eventually come from raised taxes and instead this could be spent on poor and uneducated people. This is an attitude of despair. Huge sums are also needed for dealing with the damage when a war is officially over. Too many people - and too many of their leaders - still think that war is defensible, and that it's not actually wrong for people to learn how to kill each other in large numbers. It is never an accident: making war is always somebody's decision. But the reason why war seems only negative is because there is also destruction where millions of innocent people die, losing their resources and time, and also their money. Large areas of land become uninhabitable, poisoned by dangerous chemicals and littered with unexploded weapons that go on killing for years to come.

Not only within the country but the whole world could be affected by war economically and religious discrimination essay examples socially. Overall I think wars are bad. I want Microsoft Word to die, and it needs as many troops as possible. FOR only, there must be wars, and that no other way has been devised of setting national disputes. We will write a custom sample essay on Is War Good or Bad specifically for you 38, one main thing that comes to us directly and painfully is the death of the loved ones. In makeshift legal essay examples evaluating two sources conditions and facing years maybe even a lifetime of deprivation and loss.

S little to why be said for war. It ought to be clear to everyone that thereapos. Sometimes war could give freedom to a country. A war generally wrong sweeps away the strongest and best men of a country and leaves the aged.

FOR only.38.90/page, hire Writer, on the other hand, war could be seen as a positive influence.A good example is the WW2, almost 50-60 million people died.For example after the Angolas Civil War, their currency was so useless that bottles of beer replaced.


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