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specific or other makes too? Price list PPC, stage 1 to Stage SEK. I'm happy without these for now, but I know the car could be so much more

with them. It is technologically impossible at the dealership level to detect APR ecu modification as long as you are in stock mode and security lockout is turned. For me APR and Awesome combo gave me the match. The 98 ron performance maps that are different than your oem code is then compressed file and stored in the inactive memory locations until you use the cruise control to tell the ecu to reflash itself back with the performance maps. In fact, the first part of installing an APR ecu upgrade with DPP is to extract your OEM performance mapping to be compressed and stored in the unused memory location. (the curve currently does boost, drop then hold, with a hpfp it should just boost and hold.) Do the research, make your own choices, but most of all get a remap (std GTI or ED30) its definitely worth it Facts and Figures (all data. Stage 3,4,5) we recommend that you install the parts that are in the black box under the tuningstage in our website. AirFuelRatio data, EGR temp data etc ability and type of switching, stock vs mapped mode adjustable (only revo can do this). This means that other than the coding it takes to flash the ecu and the performance maps that are compressed and stored in an unused memory location, your ecu is 100 OEM operating maps and code. 1.When I select std map it takes 10 seconds at most to select the map via the cruise. Cruise Control Â199 (available cheaper from a VW dealer OR fitted by vrstu on this forum but given my location I trusted Awesome to do it all). Increased insurance premiums (done on a power basis you are looking at 30 premium) Not adjustable in any way (yet! Although its hard on the clutch I love the pull in 6th gear at 70 ish mph, instant urge. Please try again later. Fitting, awesome ECU flash by cable, before and After Dyno if requested. The engine can take it reliably so dont worry. There is significant available power 'headroom' should you want. Other versions, there is so much choice so I will leave it up to you, sewing pattern paper uk but others to consider are.

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When you upgrade to a tuningstage that includes hardware upgrades. Night and day doesnt quite cut. Be careful you wont be service edition 30 stage 1 able to stop just at a remap. Stage 13 to Stage 45 service edition 30 stage 1 Contact our support. APR Europe, there is talk of this changing soon Map is 98 RON only You will be doing 30 mph more than you expected. You can be a loon or just surf the wave of torque. If not more important than ultimate numbers.

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From what I understand by reading Revoapos. Supplied and fitted by UK APR dealer. We only flash the calibration sectors of the ecu which language is only a portion of the 2mb. Some percentage of the Bluefin flash must not be OEM short as well or you would be able to use you bluefin flasher on any ecu.

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This was after some questions about remapping in a recent thread p?topic7508.0" from: [email protected] on September 11, 2009, 11:56:27 PM I am not really sure how it works with Revo or Bluefin but I do know how it works with APR We are the.2008 VW Golf GTI, edition 30 accelerates from 120-230 and 80-235 with.


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As a standard car the ED30 is a balanced package, brakes/suspension/grip/power etc.We will then send you a link for payment via e-mail and when it is paid we change it to the software of your choice. It takes alot of man hours and expertise to be able to do this and chances are you will never see this technology available at the dealership level.

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