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majority try to fit into a mold that is too tight to feel free. I will be different. Marcus is feeling incredibly comfortable in his amazing homosexual being.

Yeah, red is a gang color. I didn't want them to taint it with their evil voices. Back in the eighties and early nineties it seemed that there werent many labels to catalog people by, but still I knew I was different, and teachers and classmates made sure I knew. I had turned into this person I didnt like for the sole purpose of fitting. Discrimination against looks, accent, clothing style. Bullies focus on the negative aspects of how others are different. I came to understand that the criticism came, not because we were wrong (we werent horrible human beings but because we were different to them (society). Those who are considered different can find it difficult to belong however for some this is the desired outcome. Then I looked at what I was wearing. I'm not dramatic, I am passionate. It also provides people with stability, security and safety. Seeing how I was dressed, my mom said, Why dont you wear your sweatshirt out? They are appropriately considered to poses very strong emotions, hence the word emo. My advice for achieving this is to find an activity you love and become the best you can be. It may be all well and good to be normal, but some people have a sense of being different which can make it difficult to belong. Im not going to be like an average Hispanic in America. I had a different mindset and he had a different sexual orientation. As the years went by the bullying didnt stop. Then, a boy came my way. It can be hard for some people because they just dont fit into normal societal expectations for example 1950s gay men and women. ADD or adhd have never existed in my mind. Why do people wear what they wear? Different specifically for you for only.38.9/page, order now, we will write a custom essay sample on Having A Sense Of, being. He knew how I felt for being different and not being able to fit. Sponsor This, essay, what do I believe in? Although my journey hasnt been entirely lonely, it is definitely a less traveled one. We were teenagers, and our self-esteem was determined by the acceptance of society.

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Its really designed to be worn out. Why is he staring. If the person being essays bullied is truly unaffected.


I enjoy being different because I focus on the positive aspects of how I am different, and engage in pursuits that allow me to feel good about myself.I really like the essay it very true and.

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Stupid, the people who do the pressuring are attempting to fit in by changing the crowd to make others more like themselves. Please contact us so we can fix. Contrary to what some would say. Or psychotic, i came to forgive and love myself because I was never ugly. Antisocial, i was born children crying and Ive never stopped. Or that the popular kids wear them. Many of the actions of teenagers are driven by a desire to fit. Everyone knew me by a thousand different essay names. In their mind, i think being different is good, except the one my mother had given. While those who give in to peer pressure are trying to fit in by changing themselves to be more like the crowd.


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