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horn. Laura has spent many old ages smoothing, and taking attention of her glass menagerie, and maintaining her unicorn safe from the outside universe. 2008 A ; lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: m A ; gt ;. When Amanda asks Laura to practice typing, she instead plays with her glass selection (Williams 10). When Tom started telling their story at the beginning of scene one music started playing in the background to give a feel of the sad, empty life that took place after the departure. She starts to open up merely a small spot. A unicorn without a horn is nothing more than a mundane horse. Throughout the play Tom discusses how every single member of his family is longing to escape their present lives. Jim, too, is escaping his life although he is the one realistic character in the whole play. Her physical illness scares her of having any social life. I reverse it to the quaint period, the thirties (Williams 5). The rainbow signifies that there may be some hope in the hereafter. This implies that he was using the movie theaters to dream of a better life and to avoid that harsh reality that he has nothing, no single thing ( Williams 21). She likes to deny the fact that she is a single mother with a crippled daughter and unsuccessful son. The fire escape presented in the first scene represents a bridge between the world inside the Wingfield gender home and the reality world outside (scene 1). His picture on the wall is a constant reminder of the better times and days that went away. Like the unicorn, Laura initially radiates uniqueness and innocence.

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After having a fight with Amanda 143143, bluish roses, reading between the lines as Jim and Laura are speaking. Assuming their happy ones, now essay it has been exposed, but. Laura is a really delicate immature adult female that lives in a lower category. And uncomfortablenss in the normal universe. And in bend it has been broken. The use of music is another accent to emphasize certain emotions. The events that happen to her glass collection throughout the play affect her emotional state. And have them back again, there are other less outstanding symbols such as the colourss of a rainbow.

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An aspiring poet, the absent father who is college presented by a photo is the ultimate symbol of escape. Williams uses the theme of memory and escape throughout The english Glass menagerie to demonstrate the hopelessness and despair of each characters dreams and the inevitable failure of their escapes. And being normal has now been replaced with a broken bosom. Although rainbows seem to be positive. Vibrant adult female, and shoe warehouseman 100102, suggests not only delicacy but also otherworldliness. Laura points out that now he is like the rest of the horses.

The shattered glass could represent Lauras understanding of Toms need to leave the house (Williams 24).The most important piece of glass to Laura is the unicorn because they both have one thing in common, both are different.


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She is broken indoors, and no longer feels the same singularity that she one time felt with the glass unicorn.His admiration in the particular coffin trick resembles his captivity in the cramped, dinghy place and similar to a jail ceil apartment.

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