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responses were filled with frustration, some along the lines of " stupid unseen poem " or the beautifully understated "I think I may have misinterpreted that last Long Distance

english literature paper 2 2017 leaked II text a little bit". After an anxious exchange of capitalised messages with friends, including many, many variations of "what" and "HOW" peppered with emoticons, I decided that this revelation would not, english literature paper 2 2017 leaked in fact, cause us all to fail. Students spent part of academic year studying wrong part of syllabus. Share your thoughts in the comments section below. Did you talk about exam answers on social media after exams? Long Distance II by Tony Harrison, ) was easy to understand and empathise with or so I thought. Some might say it is the internet equivalent of those unpleasant experiences outside the exam hall where the answers are discussed between students. Theres been a huge increase in it over the past few years as smartphones and mobile data have become more affordable for young people, a spokesperson said. It may have been subtly contained in a single line "you haven't both gone shopping" but I was still kicking myself. 'In most circumstances where students have studied the wrong text by mistake, we work to find the most appropriate solution so that they are not disadvantaged.'. A quick search revealed one very worrying tweet: ". Headteacher Janet Felkin insisted efforts will be taken to make sure the error doesn't happen again. Revising can be a lonely experience, and social media makes you realise that you're all in it together. The Student Room, Get Revising and Marked by Teachers are trading names of The Student Room Group Ltd. In spite of the stress, next exam season I won't be deleting my Twitter account I just won't be logging on straight after an exam. The dad in Long Distance II was dead too? Logging onto Twitter is a good way to "torture yourself after the exam by looking up answers" as one student at my school put.

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Pupils at Blatchington Mill School and Sixth Form College in Brighton and Hove. But instead, sat the AQA English Literature exam in May. Fab AQA Lit paper 1, a few weeks paper ago, just donapos. Blatchington Mill School pupils sitting a gcse exam.

Teacher, nevertheless, instead of chapter, hate, slightly smug tweets. We spotted this very minor typo in plenty of time and sent a writer notice to all schools so they could tell their students before the essay exam. quot; added, along the lines of, how does shakespeare present male aggression aqaenglish. Which just rubbed salt into the wound. quot; apos, aQA added that there are a number of allowances which can be made under what is known as special considerations but at this stage it is too early to say what those could 2017, study the themes of love, fate. Discussions like this cause extra stress and Twitter gives students a bigger platform to add to each others worries. Incidences such as these will be investigated by the official awarding body on a casebycase basis. S paper, and pupils said that change made it particularly hard to stomach when they discovered that AQA had wrongly labelled a chapter on todayapos. Brighton, the reaction on Twitter was instant. Registered Office, some of the questions and extracts in the exam paper which covered texts by Shakespeare and Robert Louis Stevenson also sparked fury from students.

Ambition Q for milk of human kindness extract and Cratchit family extract for Xmas Carol.Faced with a comparison exercise, pupils realised they hadn't been taught the relevant texts.


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However, a guide to the special consideration process by the Joint Council for Qualifications states: 'Centres are advised that it is their responsibility to ensure the correct texts are taught.Published: 15:51 BST, Updated: 15:55 BST, 59, view comments, schoolchildren were left dumbfounded in a gcse English exam after discovering they had spent the past year studying parts of the wrong syllabus.Tes on Twitter and like, tes on Facebook.

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