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students their opinion about the suitable age for marriage. They face a lot of problems during their pregnancy and also some of them end up having complicated diseases and some just die during delivery the baby. Early age pregnancy: Girls, who have just walked into adolescence age and dont know anything about sexual life, are forced to get into physical relationship after marriage. Polygyny may be of two types: (i) Sororal polygyny and (ii) Non-soraral polygyny. In most of the countries the minimum legal age for the child double award science from 2016 wjec gcse 2017 past paper marriage is 18 years. At the age of 10 or 12 they stop studying. The authorities should be more cautious about the laws and prevent this activity as soon as possible. They suffer from early age pregnancy which brings several medical and health problems. They should supervise this activity more properly and punish the criminals then and there to prevent the crowing rate of child marriages worldwide. These factors are: The ability and readiness to hold domestic duties, mental maturity, and finally the physical readiness to have children. Lack of education also triggers these mentioned beliefs to be true for many people. Marriage of the widow with the dead husbands elder brother is called Senior Levirate. Introduction : Marriage and family sociologically signifies the stage of greater social advancement.

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Therefore, more importance child marriage essay introduction is given to husband by several wives. In most of the societies it is this form. Kapadia, this is not an example of the work produced by our. It establishes the rights and the status child marriage essay introduction of the children when they are born. The rules and regulations differ from one culture to another.

Low Economic Status, foreign affairs, according to Manu, both these institutions are vital for service the society. Now polygyny is visible among many tribes of India. Due to these beliefs child marriages take place in several communities. More Cooperation, in Asian countries still people believe that having a girl child is a curse. They have to adjust between themselves but nowadays divorce is the answer to their problem.

Patriarchal Society: Polygyny is found only in the patriarchal society where more importance is given to males and male member is the head of the family.They are counted equal to men.(8) A binding relationship that assumes some performance.


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Questionnaire Design: The questionnaire included 8 questions that started with general questions about the age and the marital status of the respondents; then we have tackled more topic- related questions regarding the suitable age for marriage and why in the respondents opinion it is regarded.In Tibet, Sikkim and Laddakh polyandry is found even though there is not much disparity in the number of men and women.

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