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existence as without plants there would be no oxygen produced and many organisms would cease to exist. So, Similarly, just as the watch has (having) been designed necessitates a

designer to explain the existence of it, we find examples in nature which require a greater designer, and that delete that this designer is God. It explores if there is a designer of things and whether the designer is God. Good use of moreover, a connecting word, like furthermore, suggesting strong analysis. If we inspected it closely, we would realise that all the parts had been put together.g the cogs and the springs before the glass panel, in order to fulfil a purpose, which is to tell time. William Paley's "Teleological Argument" states that you can compare God and the creation of the universe/the universe itself to that of a watchmaker and a watch, his argument from analogy. Paley concluded than external agent must have ordered the universe in this way, and this external agent is what Paley called God. His most famous argum. The first way that Paley tries to argue for the existence of God is the argument qua purpose. Since the universe is such a massive complex object, does that mean there needs to be some sort of creator 15 minutes of fame essay examples to put this universe into existence? Just like the watch necessitates a designer because of the order found within, the complexity, the interaction of different parts and the purposeful nature of the watch, similarly the universe must do too, which Paley calls God. Good to use technical vocabulary such as a posteriori meaning from observation. Ask our professional writer! His argument is also known as the argument based on regularity. Paley compares the idea of watch and the universe in many different ways. Douglas Adams who wrote The Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy argued in his book that perhaps that man had evolved to fit the environment and not that the environment was specifically designed for him. We have fossils of the homo-sapiens dating back 4 million years. Moreover, we would notice that if the parts had been arranged differently then the watch would not work and fulfil its purpose of telling time, which further demonstrates the necessity for a designer to have ordered the parts in the correct manner. He makes the claim that by the watch's very intrinsic make-up it could clearly be concluded the intentional construction of an intelligent designer: the various. We are able to look at biological molecules such as cytochrome c which is responsible for respiration, which was found to be similar in organisms who are closely related suggesting they have a common ancestor. There are also objections to Paley's argument that Paley responds to in an attempt to back up his argument. This makes this answer marked at 100 now you need to replicate this quality (clear analysis, good use of coutnerpoints, good reference to the question set). However, in Paleys book Natural Theology he argues that if were to stumble upon a watch, it would bear marks of design to due to the complexity and intricacy, this would indicate its purposive nature and that is had not come about by chance. The Teleological Argument is concerned with reason as to why the world functions in a orderly manner is orderly the same as apparently purposeful? For example, in the watch there is order, the parts are designed and ordered in a certain way which aid to its functioning. Thomas Aquinas puts forward his version of the argument in his fifth way which is outlined in his work Summa Theologica. Aquinas uses the example of an archer shooting an arrow. Yes, an anaology is just that, an analogy and of course, we could say that the watch God created is imeprect with viruses, earthquakes etc. This essay will seek to explain Aquinas and Paleys version of the teleological argument. It is a good example of a full mark answer on both part a and.

Paley's teleological argument essay

It too must have an intelligent design due to the reference complexity found within. An object that cannot think for itself. In the same way it is reasonable to believe that the universe. The universe is also very complex. We know that for a fact a watch needs a watchmaker in order to be made. It will be considered as to whether or not Darwin actually did destroy show more content.

Essay: Teleological Argument (Paley) This answer was written by a student (Gemma) under timed conditons.Teleological Argument Essay Sample Paleys teleological argument for the existence of God appears, to modern minds, much more poetic than logical.This perception of Paleys teleological argument is due not only to advances of scientific knowledge but due to the counter-arguments posed by key philosophers, such as David Hume.

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Even though we have never seen a watch being made or know how to make a watch ourselves. The things in our world interact with each other. Similarly, level 5 A 3535, order can be found within the universe an example of this is the distinct patterns and rhythms of nature. Life evolved from living rock such as is still found in parts of Australia that. A bit like a watch which every so often fails to sound its alarm if the it has one. Rock containing bacterial life, we are incapable of making a watch.

My comments are in bold italics.It is attempted in this paper to firstly: show that the argument should be rejected on the grounds of lacking a rationally flowing set of premises and conclusions; and secondly: that the criticisms made by David Hume concerning the argument hold more weight than.


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