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showing the words 'waterproof 'flexible 'strong 'transparent'. Why are some better suited than others? This edge tear test conforms to Tappi T470. National Curriculum, sc3,. Tearing index Tearing strength

/grammage,"d. Ask different children to come up to carry out one of the four tests. Pictures of a tyre, a towel, a saucepan, a window, a notebook and a drink bottle. Rubber, rubber, brown paper, wool, wool Plant pot High quality paper Cardboard Paper clip In addition, the hardness group might need some tools to scratch the materials (e.g. Smithers Pira use an L W single tear tester for papers and a James Heal Elmatear tester for heavier weight boards. Explain that you are going to test each material to find out how it usually behaves. So, the "hardness" group will investigate the hardness of different materials, and. Age science Range: 7 - 11, by: Mark Warner, these activities will teach the class about the properties of different materials. Ask the children to get into pairs and list the materials from the clip and what they are used for. Ask the children to write their choices on the characteristics of materials worksheet strength (PDF 56KB). A screw, nail or a coin and the magnetism group will need at least one magnet). Homework Ask the children to make four different designs for a cup, each made from a different material. Test the properties of metal, paper, fabric, rubber and glass before using a blueprint to make objects from the different materials. Show the children the blueprints for the tyre, towel, saucepan, window, notebook and drinks bottle. Smithers Pira is ukas, ISO 17025 accredited for the determination of internal tear strength against British standard BS EN 21974 andInternational Standard ISO 1974. For each object, ask: What are its functions and what properties does it need? Extension, ask the children to design an umbrella to keep off the rain. Internal tearing resistance is the force perpendicular to the plane of the paper sheet required to tear multiple plies through a specified distance after the tear has been started.

And prepare to share what they did. String, play around with the objects and see what interesting facts you observe. D in mNply, an Elmendorftype tearing tester is used and the result i" The children should evaluate what they have done. Explain that they should then go through the list and decide why it are would not be sensible to make an umbrella from some of creative the materials. They should plan an experiment to investigate their topic.

This lesson plan was written by teacher Ray Oliver and first appeared in February 2006 in TES Teacher magazine.The plan suggests ways of testing the strength of paper.Materials - Testing the Properties This quiz addresses the requirements of the National Curriculum.

Two of the designs must work and two of them must not work. Repeat this activity for the other materials. Kids will enjoy the challenge of this cool. Resources, on the interactive whiteboard, each group should share what they did. Plastic, to explain why it would be a good material. Fabric, use the Workshop to check the childrenapos. And to come up with a definition of the word. And also to suggest a material love in wuthering heights essay it could not be made from and why.

The activities are based on four worksheets which can be found below.Discuss what the fairy godmother's results show.Which material would not be a good choice?


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Standards and Accreditation, there are many applicable standards including BS EN 21974, ISO 1974, Tappi T414,DIN 53128, and scan P11.Aluminium foil, copper coin, plastic Ruler, writing paper.Make a list of these materials on a large sheet of paper.

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