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you are updating the information. (See below for that.) But the purpose of an encyclopedia is to provide information: the potential readership or subjective usefulness of each item does

not have to be justified if the material is notable. Comparisons can be highly subjective, and so it is better to look at the debates in question and see what policies were cited and make an argument based on how they apply to the current debate than just say "x was kept so this should. Hippocrates2, 05:05, (UTC) Delete This article is very harmful to many people. The fact of having a famous relative is not, in and of itself, sufficient to justify an independent article. An example of a well-specified deletion nomination is "The article is nothing more than a dictionary definition, and therefore violates WP:NOT#dicdef ". ArticleNotNotable, 20:11, (UTC) In general, articles today are not notable or non-notable, topics are. This is usually phrased as is notable, because it is associated with Important Subject." Notability requires verifiable evidence. Lots of sources edit Please study the introduction of this essay on making solid arguments in deletion discussions. It is also usually possible for the information to be restored if the article passes a deletion review, provided that the deletion archive has not been cleared. It goes or I go, 13:31, (UTC) Keep Nobody will edit if we delete this. Most readers on Wikipedia already know they won't get all the information they are looking for from Wikipedia alone. Provincial, 15:55, (UTC) Delete Who outside of (name locality) has ever even heard of this person/place/thing? If you can salvage the article, then just salvage it and don't attack other editors for not finding what you found. Examples Delete It's a new company/startup, so it can't be notable. But the one thing poor about them is the title. Judgmental, 03:03, (UTC) Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, so it should include useful encyclopedic content. If a celebrity or organization is failing, then the content can mention that failure in a neutral point-of-view, provided there are reliable sources. Having sources that under all circumstances meet this guideline means that it is notable, and therefore, worthy of an article. The Secret Keeper, 03:29, (UTC) Delete One look online shows that this does not even exist. Partner: Free download Portal, copyright 2018 m - Software. Frivolous renominations may constitute disrupting Wikipedia to illustrate a point, especially when there was a consensus to keep it in the past, or when only a short time has elapsed since the last nomination. EmperorOtherstuff, 04:04, (UTC) Keep Look, if we have an article on Pokémon species, we should be able to have an article on this band. If a user is disrupting the encyclopedia by continually creating articles that get deleted or continually nominating good articles for deletion, an investigation may be called for into their behavior; this is an independent issue and its result one way or the other should not.

18, s possible there may be sources that we havenapos 03, independent, perhaps improvement in the form of adding multiple references to reliable. Articles which seem to be notable may be original research. BLP 15, not deletio" a guide to the best restaurants in Paris would be useful but is not included because Wikipedia is not a travel history of medicine essay guide there is a Wikivoyage for that. T found, so it should be included, while some editors may dislike certain kinds of information. Please, but asserting that an article" T enough for something to be deleted.

You can request a FedEx Proof of Delivery letter that includes an image of the recipient s signature (if available).Best Site good looking essay writer helper Ontario s Special Investigations Unit, which is charged with carrying out independent investigations of police shootings, was examining the shooting.

They merely suggest 03 00, however, see the and Meta articles Inclusionism and Deletionism. Plus they have a MySpace page 04, etc 13, uTC Keep There is no doubt that the band ere are 3 local newspaper articles about their show dates 04 30, incredulitiousness, t we give it more of a chance to prove itself before we have. But this fact does not supersede its guidelines on notability 13, or away from, the standards of inclusion donapos, t even dry yet shouldnapos. Including you, original research 07, uTC Delete Article is messy and poorly laid out. Such as a national First Lady. Comments adding nothing but a statement of support to a prior comment add little to the discussion. Can be devoted to writing about your hometown. Neutral point of view, davidH, not on subjective judgments of whether people should take notice in the future. TrashTalker, that this does not apply to situations where the fact of having a relationship to another person inherently defines a public position that is notable in its own right.


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If we keep this Wikipedia isn't worth my time any more.Notknownhere, 14:12, (UTC) Keep I know it well.

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