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Integrated School- and Community-Based Demonstration Intervention Addressing Drug Use among Adolescents (. The debate covers many different issues but currently the main focus is whether abstinence-only lessons should be

used versus the more contemporary version referred to as comprehensive risk reduction (CRR). tags: Drugs. "The Ethics of Harm Reduction.". Poulin Nicholson, 2005 ) or compared with no-treatment control both resulted in significant reductions in harmful alcohol use. The focus is not on eliminating alcohol use from drivers completely but setting a limit over which the greatest risk of causing a serious accident is defined. Middle of paper.aken by users, the statistics in favor of harm reduction seem irrelevant as these individuals spend the same amount of hospital days per person as several people on average. Although harm reduction has made great strides in recent years, it remains hampered in the US by the hard-line Prohibitionists, who are angered by what they perceive as a 'soft on drugs' attitude inherent in the admission that many of the dangers of drugs can. In fact, they are usually the first point of contact for drug users to access addiction treatment services. Age at initiation is inversely related to later problems with use and most frequently occurs during adolescence (. A common misconception about harm reduction is that it condones or encourages drug use. Consequently conventional abstinence-based treatment methods may not benefit all offenders. The development and enhancement of medical research has been based ou cut off date for essay includes that day on the testing of animals. Retrieved 17:16, September 28, 2018, from. Research shows harm reduction activities can, Reduce HIV infection and hepatitis, overdose deaths and other early deaths among people who use substances, injection substance use in public places, and reduce the number of used needles in public, the sharing of needles and other substance use. Education-only programs provide students with information, but these emerging adults are more likely to test this alcohol-related information rather than internalize it based on the word of an adult ). The topic of harm reduction provokes a deeper thought, what happened to prevention methods and what about them is not working? And injury from high risk behavior, especially psychoactive substance use. But they accept the reality that many people will drink to some extent before driving, and that the overall harm to society is lessened by focusing attention on the worst offenders. This has resulted in big business in America; according to the United States Office of National Drug Control Policy, the federal government spent.2 billion dollars in 2003 on the war on drugs (1). Needle Exchange Services, injecting drugs such as heroin is illegal, yet harm reduction advocates for clean needles to be provided to drug users free of charge. Johnston., 2007b ; ; ). Other programs take a tack more consistent with harm reduction and include social skills, resistance skills training, and normative education (. It academic essay question on litstenign to an oral hsitory has been established substance control is a far more feasible short term goal than outright eradication. Examples of harm reduction in action include the following. The term harm reduction can be used to describe the philosophical beliefs that underlie strategies and programs, or it can be used to describe the strategies and programs on which it is based. Besides, it demands that interventions and policies designed to serve drug users reflect specific individual and societal needs. When studying the harmful effects of drugs, we must first to attempt to determine if drug abuse harms on an individual level of if it is a major cause of many societal problems that we face today. Unfortunately, the abstinence based education and prohibition laws that are incorporated in the war on drugs have been wholly ineffective in slowing the demand for illicit drugs, and have had the opposite effects of driving up demand, street value, and drug-related crimes. Students in emerging adulthood tend to identify themselves as more independent Hornsey Jetten, 2005 ; Markus, Mullally, Kitayama, 1997 although they do not see themselves as having reached adulthood. Within the political arena, drug policy is a platform that many politicians base their entire campaigns upon, thus showing its importance to our society in general. However, what many people forget are the great numbers of animals that have suffered serious harm during the process of animal testing. As many students do not view their alcohol use as a problem an abstinence-based program may seem too extreme and not match social norms of the environment.

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With such reflective essay exter uni statistical information it is unsurprising that governments have not fully embraced the harm reduction concept. Found postintervention weekly drinking decreased from. Mare than one third of eighth graders report past year alcohol use.

A way to reduce the harm from illegal substance abuse is clean needle exchange, and teaching clients how to properly inject themselves (Brown., 2005).This essay will be constructed into four parts, harm reduction, abstinence based reatments, substance misuse and recovery.

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Gauging effectiveness and overall success in achieving its purpose. PhD, over academic one third of fulltime college students report at least one episode of five or more drinks in the past 2 weeks. Elizabeth Hartney, for the premise of ones analysis will be on substance abuse control methodologies.

  tags: Uganda, Harm Reduction Network, Drugs.A Review of the Literature A review of the literature reveals no clear-cut definition of harm reduction.When discrepancies are found between the provided information and actual experiences, students tends to discount the previous information as either being incorrect or inapplicable.


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M, (December 31, 1969).Powerful Essays 1884 words (5.4 pages).For instance, Canada is on the verge of closing the dangerous In-site injection facility in Vancouver and reallocating funds to traditional inpatient treatment-real treatment that promotes eventual abstinence.

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