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couples who value their free will and marry only those whom they know not only by name but by their heart. You will know how much sugar he likes

in his tea, and you will be aware of which coffee she loves. No Dowry Drama, even today, well-educated families of brides are known to pay a handsome dowry in the name of gifts to the well-educated family of the bridegroom, who do where to buy brown paper underlay little to resist it, or worse, make a demand for. You do not care for some gifts or fancy items since you already have a level of respect for your partner, and a decent amount a self-respect. You decide the course of your wedding and subsequent married life. If you are looking for ways to convince someone about it then do share this article. Education and exposure to the media, started to make people to think and realise they need not be bound by tradition and they can choose their own marital partners without topics for history essay architecture 60s e4 having to rely on parents, matchmakers, relatives or having to consult astrologers. The eventual result is that you will be saving heaps of cash, which can be better used for other important things in your marriage. As a result, when they get married, they find few shared interests with some even having conflicts in values about marriage and raising a family. The problems of marital dissatisfaction and irreconcilable differences can be reduced in love marriages wherein couples who have been dating for a long time already know each other, including their strengths and flaws. Imagine cozying together with your spouse, and looking back at your life together. If you are looking for reasons why love marriage is better than arranged marriage then we have some interesting info for you. However, I think that love marriages are better because they allow people the freedom to pick the mate that they want instead of having to simply accept the mate picked for them by someone else. . Tying the knot out of love makes it a true marriage, and not just a deal where the boy gets some cash to take the girl away (or where the boy is sold away for some price). Arranged marriages, which had been accepted almost everywhere throughout history, eventually ceased to predominate in Western societies, although they persisted as the norm in aristocratic society up to the mid-20th century. Are love marriages better or are arranged marriages the best? And you will always strive to improve, thanks to the love you share with your spouse. Despite the strength of cultural norms, love marriage is becoming increasingly popular even in conservative circles.

Coming to arranged marriages, well, then, with an arranged marriage. I do chain not believe that family mental members can do better than individuals themselves in picking a mate. They can subsequently decide if they can live with their differences and are willing to adapt to each others weaknesses.

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It is not really possible for other people to know what kinds of people belong together. And supports independence, lava eruption creative writing taking part in family rituals and traditions. Their parents or families decide for them. Overlooking their ability to decide for something as major and lifechanging as marriage. It is believed that astronomy essay arranged marriages are more stable because the couple is picked for one another by people who are older and more experienced. On the positive side all this has also led to the feminist movements in the west.

In a love marriage, your relationship with your to-be spouse is all that matters, and everything else becomes secondary.Even in an arranged marriage there is a different sort of pressure to be fair-skinned and beautiful.All the solid reasons to prove that love marriage actually is better than arranged marriage.


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So ultimately it is up to the individual to decide whether he wants to have a love or an arranged marriage after all it is a question of being happy in love.Since you know each other well, you are well aware of each others likes-dislikes, hobbies, and general life preferences.

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