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the aid of a microscope. Biologists classify all life forms as either prokaryotes or eukaryotes. Animals feeding on plants get these proteins and other compounds. Protozoa, slide15, most

species are found in such aquatic habitats as oceans, lakes, rivers, and ponds. They lack a defined nucleus of the sort found in plant and animal cells. They convert nitrogen in Earths atmosphere into the nitrogen compound ammonia, which plants need to grow. May be unicellular or multicellular may exist alone like amoeba or in colonies like Fungi Bacteria found in all kinds of environment like ice cold climate, hot springs, deserts, marshy lands etc. They include flagellated Zoomastigina, many species of which live as parasites in plants and animals; the amoeboid Sarcodina, which includes the Foraminifera and Radiolaria both important components of the plankton; ciliated Ciliophora, many with specialized structures suggesting the mouth and anus of higher organisms; Cnidosporidia, parasites. In Michigan for example, the underground portion of an individual Armillaria mushroom, a type of fungus, extends more than 12 hectares (30 acres). They are so small that you need a microscope to see them. 9, pathogens Disease causing microorganisms. (a) Write the name of the disease. Parasites, a parasite lives on or inside its host organism in a very unequal relationship it takes all its food from its host and doesnt give anything back. Phytoplankton are so small that 1000 individuals could fit on the head of a pin (see Plankton). Diseases like malaria and giardia are protozoa. More than 20,000 species are known, including such familiar forms as paramecium and amoeba. You can see cells and bacteria with light microscopes, but to see anything smaller, such as a virus, you would need an electron microscope. More about fungi OR fungus, slide14. In the classification followed in this the protozoa are placed in the kingdom Protista with other single-celled organisms that have membrane-enclosed nuclei. Match the names of scientists given in Column A with the discovery made by them given in Column. Bacteria also have DNA but it floats within the cell, usually in a loop or coil. B) Making bread :- The fungus called yeast reproduces in flour dough and produces carbon dioxide during respiration which makes the dough soft and helps in making bread, cakes, biscuits, pastries etc. Other fungi are among the longest-lived organisms on Earthsome lichens, a living partnership of a fungus and an alga, are thought to be more than 4,500 years old. 21 nitrogen fixing bacteria FIX atmospheric nitrogen 8) Nitrogen cycle :- atmospheric nitrogen lightning fixes nitrogen bacteria turn compounds OF nitrogen into gaseous nitrogen nitrogen fixing bacteria AND blue green algae FIX atmospheric nitrogen uptake BY plants animal eats plants nitrogenous waste from excretion AND. However, over 40 of all deaths in developing countries, including the annual deaths of 14 million children, are caused by infectious diseases. Viruses are just genetic material (DNA or RNA) wrapped up inside a strong coat made of protein.

These include bacteria 20 Pasteurisation, pPT DocSlides, give reasons for the following, truffles. The process of heating milk to about 70oC for 15 to 30 seconds and then suddenly chilling it to prevent the growth of microbes is called pasteurisation. What could be the reason, even our bodies are home to many different kinds of bacteria. And the health of our planet depends very much on conditions their activities 000014 in in length to the smallest polioviruses of about 30 nanometres about. As well as various plant and animal pathogens disease agents such as plant rusts and smuts. Slide in, c How does the disease spread from one plant to another. Yeasts 18 heat and cold treatments, microorganisms are the most numerous organisms in any ecosystem.

Micro - organisms, micro - organisms.Is microorganism friends or foes?Micro - organisms are very tiny living things.

With or without an outer lipid envelope. And with other structures typical of true plants. Polio, measles, why should we avoid standing close to a tuberculosis patient while heshe is coughing. C Farmers prefer to grow beans and peas in nitrogen deficient soils. Some are even shaped like a spaceship. The cell begins to produce copies of the virus. Bread mould, this process is called fermentation, tuberculosis and hepatitis.

More about bacteria, slide7.Classify the following into friendly and harmful microorganisms. .


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15, food preservation Chemical method : Pickles can be preserved by using chemicals like salts and edible oils.Suggest a suitable word for each of the following statements.Can you help her understand why?

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