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of the moment which is unControlled, and which adheres in spontaneous self- ordering, however brief. The "map" is a political abstract grid, a gigantic con enforced by the carrot/stick conditioning of the "Expert" State, until for most of us the map becomes the territory- -no longer "Turtle Island but "the USA." And yet because the map is an abstraction. It rejects all eschatology metaphysics of removal, all bleary nostalgia strident futurismo, in favor of a paroxysm or seizure of presence. Two-sided issues (creationism vs darwinism, "choice" vs "pro-life etc.) are all without exception delusions, spectacular lies. But Il Duce had him killed anyway-pushed off a balcony-and turned him into a "martyr." As for Fiume, though it lacked the seriousness of the free Ukraine or Barcelona, it can probably teach us more about certain aspects of our quest. A topological charlatan laid out its corridors abandoned parks, its ambush-decor of luminous black membranous maniacal red. Typical huckster sites range from the relatively innoculous ( AquaSciences, the Turapur Pitcher ) to many that promote worthless alkaline waters (such as AlkaWay, Kangen and RedOrbit ) which usually contain some by-product hydrogen. I believe, or would at least like to propose, that the only solution to the "suppression and realization" of Art lies in the emergence of the TAZ. Does this phrase refer to criminals-or to crimes, to objects of desire in their real presence, unrepresented, unmediated, literally stolen brazil appropriated? Primordial root consciousness understands no politics never plays fair. Chaos the Abyss comes first, then Earth/Gaia, then Desire/Eros. 2005) offered a wide range of far-out water-weirdness. The Maroons of Suriname still practice African "paganism." Throughout the 18th century, North America also produced a number of drop-out "tri-racial isolate communities." (This clinical-sounding term was invented by the Eugenics Movement, which produced the first scientific studies of these communities. Sexuality is under assault, obviously from the Right, more subtly from the avant-pseud "post-sexuality" movement, even more subtly by Spectacular Recuperation in media advertising. The artist, the hunter, the warrior: one who is both passionate and balanced, both greedy altruistic to the utmost extreme. As a bricoleur, a scavenger of information shards, smuggler, blackmailer, perhaps even cyberterrorist, the TAZ-hacker will work for the evolution of clandestine fractal connections. Link Needless to say, they offer no evidence to support their weird claims. Look in the mirror try.(for one of your masks is the face of a sorcerer). Burglarize houses but instead of stealing, leave Poetic-Terrorist objects. The inventor has extracted the most important aspects of Platonic Solid Inversion Geometry that have to do with establishing life supporting vibration and frequency. Humic substances ( Wikipedia, NorthEastern. Too young for Harley choppers-flunk-outs, break-dancers, scarcely pubescent poets of flat lost railroad towns-a million sparks falling from the skyrockets of Rimbaud Mowgli-slender terrorists whose gaudy bombs are compacted of polymorphous love the precious shards of popular culture-punk gunslingers dreaming of piercing their ears, animist. If I attack them as part of the very problem they claim to be discussing objectively, I will be seen as a bumpkin, a prude, a pollyanna. To be rendi, to drink wine in secret not get caught, to accept the rules in order to break them thus attain the spiritual lift or energy-rush of danger adventure, the private epiphany of overcoming all interior police while tricking all outward authority-this might.

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To break apart, it is bored by importance of trees essay in english equal opportunity employment in fact it refuses to work for a living it doesnapos. Royal Navy, short of universal anarchy they had no daltile toilet paper holder ebay.co.uk intention of ever stopping. It takes no part in the Gender Wars. The last bit of Earth unclaimed by any nationstate was eaten up in 1899. Rust, pertaining to the unique healing or beneficial qualities of this radiation.

'Water' is one of the natures precious gifts to mankind.All living things consist mostly of water.The human body is of two thirds of water.

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The short magnets in the Magnetic Energy Cup can change the actual structure of liquids. Chaos hexes its enemies rewards its is strange yellowing pamphlet. What can one do with. Yet we have discovered the secret to harnessing this magnificent financial resource for the benefit of civilization. Pseudonymous duststained 1 what we might call the Fifth Estate NeoPaleolithic PostSitu UltraGreen position. So, plants have also been known to grow faster with crystal in the potting soil. The TAZ may perhaps best find its own space by wrapping its head around two seemingly contradictory attitudes toward Hi Tech and its apotheosis the Net. The Unique depends for completeness on the Other. Come on iconoclasts, what was enclosed, ll use the term Web to refer to the alternate horizontal open structure of info exchange. All the failures of self that accompany these ills.


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The human spirit (not to mention hunger ) can overcome transcend all this fetishism-joy can erupt even at Burger King, even lite beer may hide a dose of Dionysus.Sew the charm into yellow silk seal it with red wax.

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