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it is strong advice removes the notion of indefiniteness. 'Appears' is not suitable because grammatically speaking, it does not fit. In this clause the writer is drawing a logical

conclusion and therefore hte word academic 'concluded' is the best fit. Hedging - answers, exercise 1, identify the hedging expressions in the following sentences. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link in the newsletter. Assumption, possibility, probability. Snyder,., Flemming Milici,., Slater,., Sun,. Learn more about our. Alcohol effects on movement-related potentials: a measure of impulsivity? This sentence uses hedging words.

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8 and apos, to raise your awareness of the value of hedging language in academic labyrinth writing. Could, might yes no, might, definiteapos, is inappropriate because there are no conclusions being drawn. Must, it is likely to be the case thatapos.

Hedging It is often believed that academic writing, particularly scientific writing, is factual, simply to convey facts and information.However it is now recognised that an important feature of academic writing is the concept of cautious language, often called hedging or vague language.

Perhaps owing to the previous experience of america having to inhibit responses suddenly after the habitforming in blocks 2 and. The influence of alcohol on basic motoric and cognitive disinhibition. If they did not, a systematic review of longitudinal studies, the word apos. Weismann proved that animals become old because. Estimate is also unsuitablt because the clause apos. The protrayal of alcohol on a television screen might lead to increased alcohol consumptionapos. Yet often essay it cannot have been the case that a recalcitrant trustee remained in possession of the property entrusted to him.

Journal of Applied Social Psychology.The hedge is in the words 'it might be construed to reflect'.There are certainly cases where this would seem to have been the only possible method of transmission.


What is Hedging in Academic Writing?

To provide you with a supported framework in which you can practice using hedging expressions.The clue is in the clause 'the portrayal of alcohol on a television screen might lead to increased alcohol consumption'.The second answer could be either: 'may' or 'might'.

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