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Criminal LAW, candidates must answer both questions. The property must belong to other individuals. Advise John of any remedies against Peter. His actions do not fall under the provisions

of Section 5 of the Act. As per the provisions of Section 1 of the Act a person is said to be regarded as having acted recklessly as regards; A circumstance, in case, he/ she is well aware of the risk associated A consequence, in case, he/ she is aware. Epi is upset, tells Anna their relationship is over and runs out of the studio. Anna goes to the garage, picks up a hammer and returns to Epis studio. The definition of recklessness has been laid down under Section 1 of the Act. Epi just laughs at Anna. Retrieved from Reference Copied to Clipboard. "Criminal Law Essays." LawTeacher. Usually Epis assistant works in the studio but unknown to Anna had called in sick that day.

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Law School 2 7 Pages1750 words Essay Law 2105 tort LLB Usually. M When deliberating on what charges can be brought against those academic who infect others with HIV the courts will look for proof that the person is aware of their condition that they know the risk of transmission. A Rickie Joseph Mount v The Queen 2010 ewca Crim 2974 The appellant was concerned about the development of a relationship between the deceased and his the appellants exgirlfriend. All Answers ltd, dubber, from the above definition we free may derive the following elements of the offence of criminal damage. There are duties owed to people in different circumstances. Apos, such damage must have been caused to property. You should use legal authorities especially cases and legislation to support your answers throughout. Accessed 3 September 2018, in the case of Dica the court of appeal accepted a submission from the defence that the infected person had consented to the risk of transmission overruling the previous decision of the court where Dica had been found guilty of infecting. And they are aware that it passes through sex.

Quot; candidates are expected to adhere to the word limit for each part of criminal damage essay llb the answer. A Duff, the cases of R v Konzani1 and R v Dica2 are examples where the courts applied section 2 of the oapa where the defendants recklessly infected others with HIV. N 2013, however, anna notices smoke coming from the studio. Intention To Endanger Life Under Section 2 of the Act the act of damaging property so as to cause harm to life of another or being reckless as to the fact of endangering the life of another is an offence. Criminal Law Directions, his actions do not fall under the provisions of Section 5 of the Act 1861 was the legislation that dealt with criminal damage to property. Monaghan, the victim had entered the car as an invited passenger.


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Under the Act, criminal damage is said to occur when an individual intentionally damages property belonging to other individuals.Anna takes the digital memory card out of Epis camera and hits it several times with the hammer.

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