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least one minute long. Read it out loud! You must use the preterite tense, including at least 3 irregular verbs. Day 55 To incorporate the vocabulary and grammar

you have learned in this chapter, you will be required to make a comic strip. Day 164 Escuchar Listen about sports and exercise. Instead of just dropping the ending and adding a new one, you must also change the verb in the stem. . Write down any words that you recognize. This list will be similar. Make sure you have reviewed the section on accents and are prepared to use them in this assignment. Day 10 : Palabras Interrogativas These games teach the question words. Spanish language and culture outside of the classroom. . Day 96 E-IE Stem-Changing Verbs Stem-Changing Verbs sound like what they are! . Dont forget to practice what you know. Watch this video on direct objects. Listen and repeat each sentence or phrase. Report Card: In public school you get your grade for your class every quarter of the school year. This is how you find your grade: add up all the grades you have been recordings.

They arent capitalized in Spanish, hint, which important figure person is violence usually present at the bullfight. Tendramos que comer en un caf. Can you spell the months, there will be a second vocabulary list with more food words to learn officially on day. Using some of the adjectives you have previously learned. Give it a minute to start playing. Listen carefully, john is shorter than his friend Paul. Read the lesson and do the practice verb conjugation at the bottom and record your score out. You may look it up in your online dictionary. Keep your sentences simple, then click on Continue and listen to and repeat the sentence out loud.

What is essay in spanish?For a school assignment, I would say monografía is the usual way to call it, if it s for high school or college.Describe your school (site, location, type of school and facilities).

If necessary, have your child show you in the school essay in spanish learning material several words from the sentences. Vocabulario Los Adjetivos y Nacionalidades Los Adjetivos y Los Números This vocabulary list uses words associated with nationalities. Review preterite er verbs, work on your project, you can check your work. You can share them with me and Ill add them for everyone to use. Parent, watch this presentation on possession, your project must have a total of 1214 sentences. Can you use gustar and are you able to recognize the two forms.

Your comic strip must include 6-8 detailed sentences using vocabulary words from this chapter or the previous chapters.Option 1 for project: To incorporate the vocabulary and grammar you have learned in the chapter, you will create an audio-visual recording of an avatar.Its good to just practice listening.


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You need to know the words on your vocabulary list by Day.See how much you can understand.The other part will be sentence translation.

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