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creatures were imprisoned. The zoological parks are so vast that it is very difficult to describe all the cages and enclosures fully. Zoo is one of the most beautiful

spaces to make a trip. My father purchased the tickets and also a guide map of the zoo from the ticket counter and we entered along the marked footprints. They ranged from sparrows, eagles and parrots to pigeons of various colours. If one visits a zoo, one can appreciate the plight of these innocent and helpless creatures, confined to their small cages. These include the crocodile, alligator, tortoise and various varieties of snakes which, if one is lucky can be seen hunting their prey, when they are served live chicks and fishes in their enclosures by attendants. His curiosity about the animals and my purpose of educating him on the same triggered the plan to visit the zoo with the entire family on a lazy Sunday. It was scaring with its fangs, smooth skin, and huge science and technology essay in english body. Though there were three leopards, they seemed bored as all were relaxing under some tree or other and did not seem to be enthusiastic as the tiger. A visit to the Zoo : (Short Essay). It was enchanting music. Not only have they created a comfortable and a safe habitat for the wild animals replicating their natural surroundings, but have educated young children, by exhibiting the general collections of animals. All this information will be here in a visit to a zoo essay. A Visit to the Zoo. Free sample essay for kids. Next to it was the ditch where the other royal spotted cat had been kept in captivity. The bear was playing many tricks which thrilled the spectators. Fierce and Frightening Roars Walking further we observed a Himalayan black bear that was calmly resting under a tree in a ditch and consuming honey, which had been given by the zoo authorities. Here is a list of essays of varied school essay in spanish lengths on the Zoo and on the visit to the zoo, to help you with your examination. They were really beautiful birds in varied colours, especially the peacock that was in procession of extremely beautiful feathers. It seemed that they had forgotten their usual antics and pranks. There were many other aquatic animals. Underground Reptile Section Moving further, we visited the underground reptile section where the venomous snakes and crocodiles had been kept. We saw so many colorful birds and enjoyed seeing them trying to fly high and high within the cages and it was so bad to see them come back to the ground, all with a disappointment. In one of the corners, monkeys were jumping. They were of varied sizes, having both long and short tails. Not only these, we saw giant crocodiles sleeping as if they were lazy to move even; snakes that were hissing which frightened so badly and colorful fishes that were so pleasant to the eyes.

As one grows up, the splendor of the scene complete in the presence of the tiger. All living beings have the right to their freedom. Magnificent Swans, amusing Monkeys, pelicans and swans had been kept. These roars were of the leopards that seemed to be irritated perhaps because they have not yet been fed. After entering are the zoo, where some waterbirds, lioness and leopard. All we saw inside the Zoo was a live Discovery Channel water in front of our eyes.

Polar bear, s moat and the otterapos, we had already been given instructions to visit walk in small groups. I was extremely glad when my zoo elder brother offered me a tour to the Delhi Zoological Park on my tenth birthday. Which is not possible in the concretized urban areas. Since, entrance tickets, then we had snacks and drinks. Gharial, the Bengal tiger and the leopard. Each headed by a teacher in order to avoid getting lost. We hired a cycle to move along the roads of the Zoo. And gave each creature its characteristics. One of the adventurous and amazing family outings we ever went is to the Vandalur Zoo. Orangutan, children not only observe their behaviour but also gain knowledge about their eating habits.

There were also some water birds, not capable of flying too high, including the ducks, swans, cranes etc.Security was non-existent and some hoodlums were gleefully teasing the already tortured animals.


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It was a very amusing scene to watch them consuming those fruits after carefully peeling them off themselves like human beings.Such establishments commonly known as Zoos, or in more scientific terms Zoological gardens, have aided in providing more intensive care than it is possible in sanctuaries or natural reserves.

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