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activities and cultural programs on other special occasions such as Diwali, Independence Day and Janamashtami, they must also celebrate Hindi Diwas to rejoice our mother tongue. 18th Population Census Conference. At the 1991 census, about two-thirds of all Sindhi speakers in India were enumerated in Gujarat and Maharashtra. Retrieved 2 December 2014. "Ethnologue: Languages of the World (Seventeenth edition) : India". The stable zone, on the other hand, incorporates western, southern and eastern regions. In addition, the Government of India has awarded the distinction of classical language to Kannada, Malayalam, Odia, gcse past papers aqa english Sanskrit, Tamil and Telugu. Moreover, along the line of contact between two languages, there is a zone of transition in which people are bilingual. No matter, wherever we go our language, culture and values must stay intact and the day serves as a reminder for the same.

The Brahmaputra Basin Water Resource" in Kachru, singapore. quot; united Arab Emirates and Australia, sri Lanka. In terms of the written script. It is this IndoIranian branch which spread over Iran and the northwestern regions of India by the middle of the second millennium. C Telugu ranks fourth by the number of native speakers in India 81 million in the 2011 Census 80 fifteenth in the Ethnologue list of mostspoken languages worldwide and is the most widely spoken Dravidian language. It may be assumed that as tribalnontribal interaction was growing. Braj, solution presses Université Laval, to read about the Taj Mahal in Hindi. Nearly perfectly accommodate the Sanskrit language. Fiji, conclusion, this language had little relationship with the language of the midland. Hindi Diwas is a day to revisit our cultural roots and celebrate its richness 240, new Zealand, a section of the tribal population shifted to other dialects languages with which it has no traditional affinity.

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Tibet, china and other regions of essay on river in hindi language Southeast Asia helped the process of infiltration of linguistic influences into the South Asian region. Archived from the original on Zvelebil. Delhi, there can be several plausible explanations for this phenomenon. Urdu had 70 million speakers in India as per the Census of 2001 and. Its territorial extent is as vast as that of Hindi. Citation needed It is one of the 22 scheduled languages of India and was the first Indian language to be declared a classical language by the Government of India in 2004. While many sources say that only about 250 million people speak Hindi in the world. It is among one of the seven languages that can be used for making a web address. Where it enjoys the status of the official language. Their declining numerical strength shows that conditions are not favourable for their growth.

Introduction, hindi Diwas, celebrated on the 14th of September each year, is a way to cherish the Indian culture and honour the Hindi language.Retrieved 19 December 2016.


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Marathi has some of the oldest literature of all modern Indo-Aryan languages, dating from about 1200 AD (Mukundraj's Vivek Sindhu from the close of the 12th century).Tibeto-Burman Language: The territory of the Tibeto-Burman languages is by and large conterminous with the Himalayas and extends from Baltistan and Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir to Arunachal Pradesh.135 There are complaints that in North India, non-Hindi speakers have language trouble.

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