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its home. It has a small head, long neck, long slender legs, and a large stomach in which it stores large quantity of water so that it can

move a long distance without water. According to Naveen (2011 a camels life span is about 40 years, its weight is between 400-800 kilogram, and it stands more than two meters tall with a length of about three meters. Two Kinds: The camels are of two kinds- the Arabian and the Bactrian. He is furnished with a fifth stomach. It stores water and food in the hump. The female camel has ovarian structures (corpus luteum, follicles the ovary, the cervix, oviducts, the vagina and the vulva, and the uterus. It carries load and draws carts. It has four legs and a hump on its back. Its whole body is covered with long hair. Furthermore, humans use the fat that is stored in the camels hump to make butter and use the camels milk to drink or to make cheese. So it can stay without water and food for many days. But when they are very hungry, they will eat almost everything they can find- bones, skin, fish, even a blanket. Post a Comment, newer Post, older Post, home. It has been helpful in spreading essay on nuclear energy in india the civilization in the past. Arabs eat its flesh and drink its milk.

It the camel essay draws water from wells, in the hottest parts of Asia and Africa it is the most useful animal. It cries when it is being loaded. The ship of the deser" its legs are long and thin. The Bactrian and Dromedary are the only two species of camels in the world Naveen. An Arabian camel is like a camel that is found in India. The camel is a very useful animal 2012, its long neck the camel essay is quite strange.

It is found in its countries where there are great deserts. Fine and costly carpets are made from its hair. Because it has the ability to adapt the camel essay to its surroundings rather. This essay is about Camel its appearance. It used to carry messages in the past. The only the camel essay animal that was able to survive when the rabbit outbreak occurred was the camel.

It is rightly called Ship of desert.It hangs on both the sides of the month.


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Heat has no effect.Its habits: The camel is very painstaking and patient.It is very obedient and well known for its patience.

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