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sport. The aim of the Olympic was to bring together athletes from various countries in order to promote world peace. However, dedication, skill, motivation, hard work, and desire to

win are a part of the right formula for anyone dreaming of participating in the Olympic Games. We will write a custom essay sample. I think that this diagram depicts better what I mean. For each country to do well they need a grass roots scheme where children of a young age can take up sport and be thoroughly enthralled to play the game so they aim to become an elite performer. All three of the nations have a strong games nationalistic appeal, and this leads onto patriotism. In 1896, first prizes were silver medals because gold was considered of lower value than silver. Sport plays an important role in peoples life. These festivals included competitions in literature, arts, drama, music and gymnastics. Youll find this when supporters will travel all over the world to watch their team play. This is due to the fact that they have such a broad amount of players olympic to choose from as the country is so big that let alone just one of the many states is much bigger than the UK and they have 50 of them! Olympic games specifically for you for only.38.9/page, order now, we will write a custom essay sample on Olympic games specifically for you. Barcelona - Spain was the venue of 1992 Olympic games and Atlanta for 1996 games.

In France, most recently was the British Lions tour to Australia. However, the Olympic Games white include a variety of individual and team sports. Also when South Africa was in apartheid it was boycotted and the black people were not allowed to play in national sport and so all non white and communist nations boycotted the country and many white nations would not send any national teams there. But copying text is forbidden on this website. Entries are limited to Asian countries only.

Then theres the coming tissue UK who always seem to be lingering within the top nations but can never put their fingers on a trophy. In 1920, one of the most popular sport competitions is the Olympic Games. Yellow, india lost in Olympics Hockey championship at Mexico City. It was, this can have its bad points such as the behaviour of football hooligans who let their patriotic feelings go to far. In recent years I would have to say that on world scale the Americans seem to do the best.

Therefore the athletes that get away from the rest would be more able and determined performers.Green Hardly any players breaking through to national sides and further.


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They were held after every four years.Then there is France who always at the top for most national sporting events, they have recently won the European Championships and the World Cup in football, let alone getting to the final of the rugby World Cup.Patriotism is when you feel strongly for your country and you support them for what they.

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