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the play Macbeth. When Macbeth receives news of his promotion he immediately believes in the witches prophecies: The greatest is behind-Thanks for your pains. The witches also make more predictions for banquo such as "Lesser than Macbeth, and greater" and "Not so happy, yet much happier" meaning he will be not so happy because he will have an early death, but he will be happier as he doesnt have. For example, in the, the. As a spy for him in Macduffs house. Lady Macbeth does not think of the killing of the king as such a bad thing. The witches tell Banquo that he shalt get kings, though thou be none meaning that his children will be kings but he will never gain such a title. This line introduces evil into the play and at the same time tells the reader that not everything is as it seems and it is very deceptive. He laments the fact that he shall sleep no more, as only the innocent Sleep. She will look innocent but will be the one that is full of evil for she will be the one that kills the king. This is because the witches prophecies and apparitions incited Macbeth and fuelled his ambition throughout the play. Macbeth realising in the end that he has mistakenly believed the witches is dramatically effective, and also ironic. There is a comparison in two lines that show the reader this will all great Neptunes oceans wash this blood clean from my hand? They talk in short rhyming sentences, containing weird, peculiar words, when the hurly-burlys done and the rump-fed ronyon cries. We will write a custom essay sample. The witches would appear on stage by stage-lights pointed at each witch prior to each one saying he line. What they dont tell him is the price he will have to pay. Lady Macbeth gets him to do what she can not bring her self. This then convinces Macbeth to kill the cbeth is like a child who is easily gudied. Women where not allowed to do anything of great importance so this is the only way she can become great. Banquo says that he will keep his heart free from evil and his allegiance to the king untainted, he is not going to do bad to make sure the things the weird sisters said come true.

As a relation of the king he should against his murderer shut the door not bear the knife. Macbeth regrets the murder I am afraid to think of what I have done and when someone knocks on the door he speaks these words to himself wake Duncan with thy knocking. The chaos in that atmosphere grips the audience and introduces to them the malice in which the witches are shrouded. People in that era greatly believed in the ideas of the supernatural and unearthly evil. After the previous Thane of Cawdor was recently found a traitor.

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And wants what is best for her husband 26 She is selfless, it is at this moment when an epiphany strikes Macbeth and shows him the true nature of the witches in which he placed so much of his trust. I The murder of the gracious king Duncan. Here the imagery suggests that his guilt will never be washed away. And the third assures him that he he shall never be vanquishduntil Great Birnham Wood comes towards Dunsinane Hill Macbeths castle Both apparitions reflect Macbeths inner thoughts. I pull in resolution, a deadly illusion is created before Macbeth in order to make sure that he does not sway from his hellbound vaulting ambition to become king. Read, v King James himself was particularly exercises interested in witchcraft and believed in the existence of witches. In conclusion, macduffs actions show that he has become suspicious about Macbeth and distrusts him. Lady Macbeth knows this and acts on it accordingly. Macbeth starts at these words but soon wants to know more he does not understand their predictions as to his knowledge the Thane of Cawdor still lives and there is no way he could gain this title.


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At the time the play was written, people believed this, and feared witches.The first line Macbeth says is, So foul and fair a day I have not seen this is dramatically important as by making Macbeth echo the witches, Shakespeare enforces the link formed between the witches and Macbeth from the start of the play.

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