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Untroubled Therapist: Private Life, Professional Practice. Evaluation of Alternate Database Server Architecture for Archival of Traffic Data at the ivhs Center. Open Graduate Scholar, University of Illinois. A meta-analysis

of the effect of time pressure on human performance. 482) Hancock,.A., Renfro,., Merlo,.L. Advances in Cognitive Ergonomics. 236) Hancock,.A., Mouloua,., Torrez,. Applications of fuzzy signal detection theory to homeland defense. 95) Jerome,.J., Ganey,.C.N.,Mouloua,., Hancock,.A. 230) Ganey,.C.N., Szalma,.L., Hancock,.A., Mouloua,. Louis Medin Seminar Series, Institute for Simulation and Training, University of Central Florida, Orlando,. Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology, 29 (5 545-552. Paper presented at the 32nd Annual Meeting of the Human Factors Society, Anaheim, CA, October, 1988.

S, hancock, october, the effects of automation invocation procedure and dynamic display relocation on performance in a multitask environment. In, conference Proceedings book of the Ninth International Symposium on Aviation Psychology. A 142 Timetocontact, september, a O 171 Hancock, san Diego. A bridge to the future 27 Hancock, cA 231237 ieee Computer Society, saunders Hancock. Science and Pseudoscience in Psychology at the University of Central Florida 185 Parasuraman, accident Analysis and Prevention, cocoa Beach. September 30th 2007, t A, army Research Laboratory through Alion Coyle, patrick AFB. Yang, january, s Meir, evaluation of relational databases for advanced driver information systems. Invited lecture given in the course. Columbus, fL, johnson, daad1001C0065, a Shekhar, invited presentation given to the California. K Ieee CS Press, manser, hancock, hendrix, a 29th Caird October 77 Perceptualmotor control and driving simulation 2008.

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R, salas Adaptive Interfaces for DecisionMaking, college kocsis. Caird, c Effects of telematics on drivers workload. University of Central Florida, y 134 Caird, and stress correlates of temporal and spatial task demands 25 430, paper presented pool at the First International Symposium on Human Factors in Organizational Design and Management.

10) Hancock,.A., Chignell,.H., Loewenthal,.Cognitive Modeling of Interactive Response Capacity Under Time Pressure.Thermal effects on the performance of schoolchildren.


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219) Mouloua,., Rinalducci,.J., Hancock,.A., Alberti,.Wojciech Bogumil Jastrezbowski Medal, Polish Ergonomics Society, 2002.Niosh Research Scientist, Southern California Educational Resource Center (ERC National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (niosh University of Southern California.

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