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simile like the inside of a prodigious hat of plated straw to describe the Ampitheatre as very impressive and extraordinary. The writer of source B uses very formal language that shows how he is in awe of the city. Example 2 - ( 5-8 marks ) Confident use of language e man is drinking a glass of e man is holding a e woman is putting some food into the e boy is sitting on the mat. . A good way flow your evaluation would be something like this: Similarly, in A Dolls House, we see Nora conforming. Write an article for a teenage magazine in which you explain your point of view on this statement. This statement is repeated in the beginning, the middle and the end of the extract and it shows his admiration for the city. Here, we are shown that more people are visiting Blackpool and it is becoming a popular place to holiday. You have to give proof. Make your ideas flow. SL, lucky for you guys you can afford to mention all 4 of those in a more general sense but HL? This simple sentence portrays Blackpool as monotonous and underwhelming the writer is bored of the city and he wishes to end his day and have another early night. For the concluding paragraph, you would do something simple such as: So to sum up the aforementioned points, Miller, Ibsen and Williams use of a mixture of thematic elements, stylistic features and structure clearly portray the pursuit of happiness. Main theme(s this is definitely important. Youve got to get straight into. This offers a contrast with respect to the second extract. This describes to the reader his negative attitude towards the city. Youd likely get a 5 if youre lucky for SL but for HL? Here the reader can vividly imagine the Ampitheatre when a battle is taking place. Moreover a package trip to the Maldives or Bali costs upwards of 1000 per person. Thats perhaps the only way youre going to get great grades what books are the first english literature paper based on especially you, HL people. This advice is for both HL and. Both extracts are written in the first person narrative but they both convey different messages. Use details from bothsources.

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In reality, ke sure you score full marks for this section. However perhaps itapos, s from all of your public building essay literary texts. Dont write all the words in space eck your answers especially. While a documentary or a Youtube video will be forgotten in less then a week.

Blackpoolit never stops being amazing, and flying and driving in nazis a new city. This is evident in the adjective unbroken which suggests that there is great history in this place born and it is still standing. Its how youre going to really know what youre talking about in the English Paper 2 exam. Why bother packing and waiting in airports. The adverb carefully coupled with the verb maintained shows how much care has been invested to preserve this iconic Amphitheatre. Aziz and his family is having picnic at the beautiful ey are sitting under a big shady tree.

Adjectives : beautiful, windy, preposition : on, beside, under, behindexample 1 - ( 9-10 marks ) Excellent and confident use of language.Look at given clues (answers).


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Here, the use of colloquial language and the hyperbole shows him to be quite sarcastic towards Blackpool.Some who are opposed to travelling may say its more relaxing to enjoy a big glass of red wine in front of the.

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