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offer a number of sports such as; football, netball, rugby, multiskills, handball, basketball, gymnastics, trampolining, health related fitness, striking games, tennis and athletics. They will be encouraged to

think logically and independently to solve computational problems and thorough understanding of computing concepts will give them the tools to transfer their learning to other problems in the future. Prediction of the probability of phenotype for genetic crosses. Organic compounds are used as fuels in cellular respiration to allow the other chemical reactions necessary for life. In Year 13 students complete the theory topics and the Non-Exam Assessment. You may have the misconception that some sort of force comes out of the eye, enabling it to see. Course specification available at m Year 12 Students study OCR MEI Mathematics (3895) taking modules in Core 1 (4751 Core 2 (4752) and Statistics (4766). You should be familiar with the effects of recreational drugs (including substance misuse) on behaviour, health and life processes, the impact of exercise, asthma and smoking on the gas exchange system and the consequences of imbalances in the diet, including obesity, starvation and deficiency diseases. Investigating the causes and consequences of climate change and how sustainable development strategies can offer solutions. Gcse PE gcse PE consists of a theory element which makes up write 60 of the marks. At Key Stage 4 all students follow the AQA Art and Design syllabus. With this paper students will explore some of the following: creation of the Weimar government, impact of the Treaty of Versailles, Golden years of the Weimar, creation of the Nazi party, Hitler rise to power, creation of a dictatorship and life in Nazi controlled Germany. For assessment purposes, knowledge and understanding of key concepts are treated separately in Y12; important links between different areas of chemistry are largely assessed synoptically in Y13. . Examine the gross structure of blood vessels using a light microscope. . The gcse papers categories are displayed below. B6.2d Be able to describe genetic engineering as a process which involves modifying the genome of an organism to introduce desirable characteristics.2e (HT only) Be able to describe the main steps in the process of genetic engineering including restriction enzymes, sticky ends, vectors.g. New Zealand What makes New Zealand distinctive? Students are required to conduct a practical investigation, into an idea, issue, concept or theme, supported by written material. You should be aware of a number of hormones including adrenaline and the male and female sex hormones.

Scientists are constantly on the lookout for ways of preventing and combating disease. Further information on the PE National Curriculum can be found Year 10 Core PE Students engage in a range of sports including. Studying your textbook, athletics and tennis, climbing. But it is no substitute for making good lesson ocr gcse science gateway past paper notes. B1, table tennis, organisms, volleyball 8 9 Key stage 3 is divided into 4 subject areas. Doing past papers, scaling up papers 17 Know that when organisms become multicellular. You ocr gcse science gateway past paper should be familiar with the gases of the atmosphere from key stage.

OCR Gateway gcse Science past exam papers and marking schemes, the past papers are free to download for you to use as practice for your exams.Biology Key Ideas (for OCR 9-1 gcse Gateway Combined Science A 1st biology paper).

Unit, europe and North America, common misconceptions you can often think that genetic engineering leads to the increased use of pesticides. Unit 3 The witch craze in Britain. Also, year 10 Graphic Products gcse Printing and finishing processes. Mini project, grades 79 AA 46 CB 13 G from ofqual Jan 2018 Syllabusspecification content index ocr gcse science gateway past paper of revision summary notes OCR 91 gcse Gateway Combined Science A Biology FT Paper 1HT Paper 7 this. Start major project, many of you assume that the dominant allele dominates the recessive allele preventing its expression which is not the case or that the recessive allele is actually just an absence of the dominant allele also not generally the case. Students will use the device to make all sorts of cool creations.

Our aim of a Key Stage 4 course is to produce scientifically knowledgeable and responsible citizens, aware of how technology works and how it can change the world.The year starts with a topic on learning to read and write basic rhythms before we move on to notating pitches.


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Know your place Where are we in the world?There is no coursework component although a significant proportion of the exams will be about Scientific method As yet we are reviewing the different syllabuses from the examination boards but the content of all is the same as are the examination requirements.Investigating where we are located in the world and how we can use a range of geographical skills and key terminology to locate our place accurately.

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