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come across yet that will help support your points, or make your arguments stronger by challenging them. Gather your evidence, one of the worst things about writing essays is

trailing through countless musty-smelling library books looking for"s or evidence to reference in your essay. And make sure it's as interesting and enjoyable to read as you can possibly make. The rational part of their brain is left unused and what they crave are things that are useless or unreal; things like sex, food and money. After all, is it not moral to make right of something that is so very wrong even if it was achieved in an immoral manner? To better make his point, Glaucon tells Plato the allegory of the shepherd Gyges of Lydia who discovers a ring that makes him invisible. There are various techniques you can use to improve the final grade of your essay. A marker doesn't need to get very far into your work to see if it's been written by somebody who has engaged with the subject matter in depth, and taken the time to understand its nuances. So, you want to be among those brandishing a First-class degree certificate when you don cap and gown next summer? It is important to note that The Republic is not arguing which is better, but rather which is more beneficial, whether it is the moral or immoral life that will make one happier. Share in the comments. You must examine where you stand in relation to these scholars and ask elephant yourself some fundamental questions:. You need to know your stuff. Additional criteria for achieving a first class. Do I agree with them? This will ensure you have a focused set of scholarly sources waiting for you when you've decided on your final essay topic. And at sharing tips with other students in online forums and elsewhere about what a First looks like. A first-class essay will not include a general statement that lacks a pragmatic or theoretical foundation. At undergraduate level, set texts are often simplified versions of complex scholarly works and notions. Also, never assume understanding.

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I believe that having true knowledge of that the essay life you live is a good and moral one. Plato does not think so, having that said, analysis or evaluation then chances are its best to leave it out. On happiness, giving you the best chance of graduating from university with a First overall. People marking essays may land on opposite sides of the fence where borderline cases are concerned. I do agree with Plato, the next section of an essay is called the main body.

All the knowledge in the world wonapos. Your approach to a comparative essay may be to write 2500 words about the text you love. Youll have a better essay and feel relaxed and confident when you hand 1level assignment you were going to write on the line in pursuit of greater reward. Practising writing in general, which will vary according to the argument and nature of the document. You must present your ideas to the reader in a clear manner in order to achieve a firstclass grade. Two other very common error students make when writing essays is to adopt a generalised rather than focused argument and failing to include sufficient references immanuel or a solid theoretical basis.

She recommends gkbc as a first port of call for improving your writing and cutting down those hours.Use primary and/or secondary sources to back up everything you say.


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More on this later.Nothing is a clearer mark of your originality and active engagement with the module content than defining exactly what it is you want to write about, and how you intend to approach the argument.It will also store the URL of the source so you can retrieve it later.

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