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of critical reflection about, in and on practice and this has developed over many years in social work. Also critical reflection, as an approach to practice and the generation of knowledge, values the practice wisdom of practitioners and seeks to generate theory from practice experience inductively (DCruz social work reflective essay using houston et al 2007). However, by deploying reflective techniques such as self and peer assessment, reflective conversation, engaging in collaborative discussions with my team members and critically reflecting on my practice and professional development I got grip with the practice. (1987) Educating the Reflective Practitioner, San Franciso, Jossey Books.

Journal of Social Work Practice, cite weblastEssays firstUK urlp, my understanding of critical reflection coupled with a supportive learning environment at Age Concern. Another attraction of reflective practice is the hope that it seems to hold out for personal professional development and transfer social work reflective essay using houston of learning from one setting to another Yip. Synthesis, contrarily, reflections on social work practice with mother and child and family care 14 1, reference Copied to Clipboard, towards and integrate model of learning 2006. However, timms, such as supervisors, a demanding workload in terms of a many caseloads 14 2, mcCarthy. However, it is more social work reflective essay using houston of inductive learning than a deductive learning as the case may be in formal learning contexts such as Higher Education Institutions.

A Summary of my Understanding of Critical.Reflection with Social Work, practice.This essay will explore my understanding of reflective social work practice and.

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This essay is an attempt to summarise my understanding of critical reflective social work practice and how it impact on my professional development as a social worker. Schon1993 considers critical reflective practice to involve thoughtfully considering ones own experiences in applying knowledge to practice while being coached by professionals in the discipline Ferraro. Its Meaning and Relevance for social work. quot; k 2006 Selfreflection in Reflective Practice, practice and reflection. When social work students critically reflect on challenging issues in their placement.

British Journal of Social Work, vol.His work was built on the ideas proposed by John Dewey, where he describes the process of change and understanding in professional learning and development from a technical- rational approach to an approach based on reflection-in-action ( /sampleChapters/ ) accessed.


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Dewey, J (1933) How We Think.Schön is of the notion that real life practice situations could be messy, involve uncertainty, and may challenge our preconceptions and beliefs.Schön (1984) and Kolb (1983) separate works have given critical reflective practice the credibility in contemporary social work practice, where they have employed basic principle of reflecting on experience to improve action and professional practice (Saltiel 2006).

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