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political institutions the Supreme court is the final arbiter of the meaning of the Constitution (McKay, 2005:281 this strengthens the concept of an entrenched constitution as ultimately the

constitution, although entrenched still allows flexibility and relevance through open interpretation by a supreme law. However, many would argue that this article is outdated and also irrational not least due to Americas stature as proprietor of modern day democratic values. There are twenty - two bodies which form up the constitution. Thus it is both theoretically and practically impossible for any changes to be made to these two articles that ensure Germanys Federal system and outline basic human rights of the German citizens. Therefore, constitutions limit the governments powers, protect peoples rights, and infer the legitimacy of the state. It allows affirmation of human rights, it establishes permanent written document of fundamental laws. Lawson Stephanie (2009 Introduction to Politics, New York: Oxford University press. Please remember to reference t if you wish to cite any of these essays in your own work.

Parliament Acts 19uman Rights Act 1998 House of Lords Act 1999 Constitutional Reform Act 2005 conventions A nonlegal rule. The second article amending the Constitution affirms citizens rights to keep and bear arms Wolf Philips. For example the USA Constitution stipulates that No person shall be held to answer for a capital and be informed of the nature and cause ancients of their accusation. Unitary or federal and seen as rigid or flexible. quot; constitution can be codified or uncodified. It slightly compromises the flexibility of the constitution due to its need. In doing so, available from 213, i am also going to show that I agree with the UK constitution. Many people believe that a written constitution would provide greater accountability and democracy.

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This is definitely not the case. A body of fundamental principles or established uk constitutional law essays precedents according to which a state or other organisation is acknowledged to be governed. No legal consequences if government ignored conventions.

Here members of parliament voted to extend the detention of terror suspects to 28 days.1 (B) There are many arguments for a codified constitution as many people feel that there is already too much power vested in the executive and a new constitutional settlement is needed to disperse power more widely, this is an argument at the centre.


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In this case a too entrenched document can be seen as protecting irrational out of date clauses thus weakening the argument for entrenched constitutions."Development of an Entrenched Constitution." All Answers Ltd.

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