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have even decided to go on and pursue my Masters starting in September. I was amazed that I could actually pursue my calling from a distance. Luckily, here at

Zeid Womens Health Center, our midwives always work hand in hand with our physicians, so if problems in pregnancy or delivery do arise, there is always an obstetrician on hand to help. Low risk pregnancies, on the other hand, may never require any kind of intervention. High Risk Pregnancies, if you are a patient with high blood pressure, diabetes or other serious medical conditions, your pregnancy may be considered high risk. The personal, holistic experience they provide, coupled with the safety and security of delivering in a hospital setting with the assistance of an obstetrician, mean that our patients receive the best of both worlds when they choose to work with our midwives. Your experiences along with the aptitude to do this are not just free for you. After my interview and acceptance letter it hit me, I was committing to a schedule of study and exams and the nitty-gritty parts of birth that I wasnt sure I really wanted to get my hands into (no pun intended). Pregnancy is a life changing experience, whether it is your first, second, or fifth child. Did I really want to be a midwife? Birthing Locations, certified Nurse Midwives can be considered experts in normal pregnancy and delivery, so a midwife is a great option to coach you through the entire process. These services include, but are not limited to, contraception, preconception planning, annual exams, infections and laboratory testing. We sat down with some of our midwives and asked them some questions that were on our minds: what made you want to become a midwife? I announced to my family and the world that I had applied for midwifery school. I was expecting him to jump at the opportunity to back out and was looking for permission to forget the whole crazy idea. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and am almost finished! I expressed my second thoughts to my husband, who had already agreed to finance the journey and accepted, at least in theory, the sacrifices (financial and logistical) our family would have to make in order for me to study. Their responses were varied, and explained that as with every career, there are a variety of challenges rule of law uk essay faced. Knowing that you have helped people during a period of severe stress and vulnerability is a surreal feeling, along with having the privilege of sharing such an important moment in peoples lives. Next month, God willing, I will be taking my narm exam and graduating with my Bachelor of Science in Midwifery. I was impressed that MCU was one of the few accredited midwifery schools in the States and that I could earn a degree for my efforts. They would be happy to explain in more depth how exactly they can make this most exciting time in your life even more special. After many years of niggling aspiration, I became a childbirth educator. I began exploring my options and asking around in the birth circles I had become a member. One experienced midwife mentioned MCU. Considering it is the International Day of the Midwife, we thought it would be an interesting exercise to discuss some aspects of midwifery with our team, to better understand their work. Every member of my family has made sacrifices. So you want to be a midwife? For example, one of our midwives described midwifery as a rollercoaster ride: there are plenty of ups and downs, such as dealing with successful deliveries and those which can be complicated or unsuccessful. The 5th May is recognised as the International Day of the Midwife a day to celebrate and appreciate the work of midwives all around the world. Also, midwifery requires a phenomenal amount of energy as you can be delivering babies at all hours of the day and a single delivery can last hours. Three years ago I was in your shoes. Below, we here at Zeid Womens Health Center will provide you with a few things to consider in your decision whether to opt for an OB/GYN or midwife for your pregnancy.

I mentally and emotionally committed to my decision that day and never looked back. Our patients always have the expertise and experience of both our obgyns and our CNMs available. While obstetricians are still the most common choice for the overwhelming majority of deliveries. To which they all replied Absolutely. Aisha, letting the process proceed naturally, to ensure that all goes smoothly.

Firstly, reproMed, only to what i like and dislike about myself essay send them in for a battle as a lamb against the lions. Answering questions, his word hit me like a ton of bricks. Educating patients about the limitations of pregnancy and helping each woman through the physical and emotional changes that come during each stage of pregnancy. My eldest five children were proud and excited and vowed to do their part to pick up more slack with my younger three children and the housework so that I would be able to study. Our patients never have to sacrifice the experience of working with a midwife in order to have a completely safe pregnancy and delivery. I wont tell you that its been easy.


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At that time I dreamed of being a baby doctor (obstetrician) when I grew.God bless you and I look forward to seeing you at school!

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