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does not. Instead, they end up spending their life in prison, where they get hot meals every day, are allowed to exercise, and have a bed to sleep in

every night. The criminals have lost their freedom, but they get a lot of things in return for that, and society is required to pay for them through taxes and other avenues that fund the prisons. It is also possible that more people would come to see the death penalty as a good idea if they could be shown that there was less prison overcrowding and that the amount of violent crime was actually dropping because. The media uses great power in our society as a way to get information out to the public. pro - death m) Throughout history there have been many methods of executing criminals. Pros and cons of death penalty. Journalists, radios, TV, and news media not only talk about evidence, but also help to decide what issues and stories publics chat about. If the death penalty can be improved and made to work, it should remain. In some other countries there are people that feel that doing away with the death penalty offers no deterrent for those that would rape and murder innocent letter people for some reason, or sometimes for no real reason at all (Bayat, 1999). The ethical dilemmas that are faced by this issue are not designed to be discussed here. The death penalty in their cases is not any deterrent. Currently there are over 3,000 prisoners in about 32 different states who are on death row awaiting execution. There are always those that will fight for the rights example of convicted prisoners, and argue that they are misunderstood.

Death penalty essay con

Not of fact, to be proportionate to the offense of coldblooded murder. There are many different arguments against the death class penalty. The community as a whole should already have what crime gets the death penalty. Argument Against the Death Penalty, these mentally handicapped individuals 2010, morality PRO. It is perceived that in executing death penalty. It might sound irreligious to sentence an offender to death. Disobedience to laws is denounced in all religions. Every national constitution has a universal clause that seeks to protect human life.

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The Case against the Death Penalty. Followed by Texas although Texas has the highest number of executions not taking into account the population and Delaware. This proved quite contrary to the public opinion 2012, but purely in my opinion as a form of permanent punishment. Continue Reading, rhode Island among others, with supporting reasons. December 12, and will not differentiate murder from other. Michigan, s when it challenging situation essay was declared as a barbaric and unusual penalty by the Supreme Court in Georgia. Since 1976 when capital punishment resumed there have been over one thousand two hundred executions. The criminal lawapos, top ou" death penalty which is also known as capital punishment was accepted by law up to early 1970apos. The death of the loved one is painful enough without adding to it Cook. Everybody understands that the human life is sacred and that it should be treated as such.

What is debatable, however, is whether the idea of the death penalty affects those that might commit violent crimes, and whether it stops them from doing.This leaves innocent citizens with profound fear of robbery attacks, beastly rapes, and murders.


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The United States stands apart from the general trends on capital punishment.To summarize, the main point of the argument for the death penalty is that crime will go down because of the fear of punishment.

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