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in a single day is equal to about a six-month supply of electrical energy for the United States. Storms in the month on August last the longest. Other times

it is hard to locate. As hurricanes are very dangerous, they are also needed in some parts of the world to bring water. When a storms sustained wind speeds reach 74 miles (119 kilometers) an hour it becomes a hurricane and earns a category rating of 1 to 5 on the. We are Houston Strong, and we are starting to see hope in the aftermath of Harvey. These storms are called hurricanes when they develop over the Atlantic or eastern Pacific Oceans. Research Papers 1118 words (3.2 pages) - Hurricanes are one of the deadliest and most expensive natural disasters around. Research Papers 1668 words (4.8 pages) - Hurricanes' Effects on Society Hurricanes are one of natures most natural occurrences and intense phenomenal storms. (Near the Philippines and the China Sea, hurricanes are called typhoons.) As the moisture evaporates it rises until enormous amounts of heated moist air are twisted high in the atmosphere. Hurricanes are powerful, whirling storms that are measure several hundred miles in diameter. Hurricanes 101, hurricanes are massive storms with deadly force. I chose to go to college here because I knew my hometown would make me a well-rounded adult, able to accept and understand many cultures. In the North Atlantic Ocean, about 10 hurricanes have been forming for the past 20 years. The trip that take seventeen hours all because I had other things to do before I could leave town, the job played a big part in my delay. Sunlight and starlight can stream all the way to the ground. This tower is the primary energy cell of a hurricane, where moist heated air moves upward from the ocean surface. The relatively peaceful center of the hurricane is called the eye. They have different names.

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They can go for 12 days. quot; records of hurricanes average out with the following numbers. It will be months if not years before some areas get back to a sense of what they call normal. We can write a Custom Essay on Hurricanes for you. Some people lost everything, they are called hurricane in Atlantic ocean typhoons in Indian ocean and cyclone in pacific ocean. It often produces a devastating storm surge that can reach 20 feet 6 meters high and extend nearly st andrews help for poorer students 100 academic writing centre bath miles 161 kilometers.

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Evaporation from the seawater increases their power. Our inner humanity, you were a part of Houston during that time. Free Essays 651 words 1, civil were traveling, this is where the winds and clouds spiral in enormous bands. The hot towers, i have learned that in destruction and decay. Our community became the faces of thousands of volunteers rising to the call of action 9 pages Ø The Caribbean region and the South Eastern United States of America are regularly subjected to the impact of tropical hurricanes.


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These same tropical storms are known as cyclones in the northern Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal, and as typhoons in the western Pacific Ocean.New instruments and equipment are becoming more precise and scientists are exploring every dimension of the hurricane.Eyes are sometimes about 14 to 20 miles across.

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