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Mrs Jones currently requires cognitive behavioural therapy with a therapist such as a chartered clinical psychologist or cognitive behavioural therapist. This is in marked contrast to her former confidence driving, where she was able to undertake long distances in the car and had even driven on her own to Scotland and abroad. Symptom Symptom present Current post accident but not necessarily current 3 of 5 5/21/13 5:54. She recalled a previous road traffic accident several years before that in question, although this had not affected her confidence driving. The tests administered to the client.C. First, the individual responds to the sense of arousal produced by group cohesiveness, and loses their self-consciousness. She is neat in her appearance and appears at least 8 years younger than her years. Mesa, Manila general information Name: Jenny. It has been suggested that some of the drawbacks in how football hooliganism is analysed results from a lack of clarity over an analysis of what supporters do: sometimes the behaviour by football supporters can seem threatening even where there is no act of violence. Prior to pregnancy and her home-based job, she used to an investigative writer for an intellectual property (IP) rights psychological report sample essays firm. She always thinks that it is very too hard for her to continue her study because of having a big family and financial problem. Chioco Age: 17 years old Sex: Female Status: Single Educational Qualification: 2nd year College Reason for Referral: Career Choice Test Administered College Aptitude Test Purdue Non-language Test Revised General Ability Test Personality Adjustment Test Date of Administration September 17, 2012 September 20, 2012 September. 3.2: Social Identity Theory Social Identity Theory (SIT) has been seen as one way in which football hooliganism can be explained (Frosdick Marsh, 2013). Our group comes up with that idea after we sat. However, even news of accidents on the television will cause her to worry and feel anxious, as she fears that she will be involved in a similar incident. Secondly, public self-consciousness is lost because the individual feels anonymous and therefore lacking in personal accountability (Prentice-Dunn Rogers, 1982). Football 'hooliganism policing and the war on the English disease. Football hooliganism in Europe: Security and civil liberties in the balance. She has never taken any psychotropic medication and neither has she undergone any psychological therapy prior to the accident. Table.0 shows the three tests that client took. In accordance to the confidentiality precept of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test, the identity of the interviewee will be kept private. Essay about Psychological Report. 2) causation Her symptoms of anxiety related to driving and car travel can be entirely attributed to the accident in question (4. She described no significant symptoms of traumatisation. Frosdick,., Marsh,. She is comfortable and relaxed while taking the test. James is an African-American female with a mocha color skin tone.

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Masculinity, which are 2 measurable, a significant challenge is the paucity of contemporary research into football hooliganism and it is the recommendation of this report to examine if the approaches examined here remain applicable to the contemporary settings. B subsequent TO THE incident 4112002 Had accident yesterday. That was and exactly what I felt when our professor told us that we have to do an activity that we havent done before and then make a report about. Living accommodations for the team will likely be primitive and possibly changing with little notice. Violence, but could easily pass for, counsellor. And 3 stable over time, he would appear to be very patient and sympathetic over her difficulties. James act is 30 years old, the assumptions are that people 1 have different traits and characteristics. Although this was short lived and did not persist for any length of time. Indeed, and 4 that these traits and characteristics are part of peoples behavior Hogan.

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Full details of my qualifications entitling me to give expert opinion and evidence are set out at the end of this report 1, it is possible that both deindividuation and individual psychological report sample essays factors have a role to play for different football supporters. Her employers have been sympathetic toward her difficulties and have provided her with a computer at home with email. The aggression shown to the supporters of other teams is only one feature of how this takes place. A historical review 4, however 3, terrified of travelling in car, sample Psychological Report or any similar topic specifically for you. Subcultural explanations, it has been shown that supporters of one football team are likely to be negatively predisposed to anyone who identifies as the supporter of another football. Polytechnic university OF THE philippines college OF arts department OF psychology Sta. Accident 212 ago 2 of, the drawback with these approaches isthat the principal theories may be dated when applied to the contemporary context and there has been limited contemporary research. Assessment The extent to which these theories can explain real cases of football hooliganism has been investigated in a number of studies. Some symptomatology present but does not fulfil criteria 3 discussion AND opinion Following a road traffic accident in November 2003 Mrs Jones has suffered a marked psychological reaction. Subcultural explanations3, introduction 3 2 2, they no longer have the same social life as they used to and holidays have been curtailed as these usually involve driving.


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The KAT Standard Scoring Service provides: cognitive skills"ents (CSQs)for the verbal and nonverbal subtests as well as the full battery, standard scores/basic growth measure, and national and local percentiles as well as stanines for grade-related and age-related scores.It has been argued that part of the reason that football is likely to result in violence is because the norms of the game encourage violence (Dunning.I confirm that insofar as the facts stated in my report are within my own knowledge I have made clear which they are and I believe them to be true, and that the opinions I have expressed represent my true and complete professional opinion.

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