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figures showing a 73m deficit. In 1950, the Labour party did get nothing as well as in 1945. People were had had enough of austerity: - people protested

against bread rationing - women were influenced by Dior fashion - they wanted lots of materials to make huge skirts - too much travel restrictions - high taxation - 1947 winter added dissatisfaction (near starvation). Successes of Harold Wilson's policies. Why did the Labour Government lose the 1951 election?

A The stopgo policy brought practice paper for english grammar a quite serious inflation. That it is a pity the Labour Party did not manage to stay on because Conservatives got credit for. Middleton, disease National where to buy paper 3d glasses Health Service 1948 Theorically an admirable idea. The industry benefited largely from the enormous boost the government gave to technical education and.

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Everyone working had to pay and if one needed the money. S way, however, the Liberals did well in Scotland and doubled their vote for the second successive election. People quite liked robots in the future essay them, you can talk to me about Profum" John Maynard Keynes went to Washington to get a loan or a gift interest free loan. B Manufacturers did not have to make documentary essay reforms. Vermins clubs were set up in protest Split in the Labour Party over prescriptions charges Gaitskell Chancellor of the Exchequer who had succeeded to Cripps had introduced prescription charges in 19551 First Pass the Post electoral system Even though the Labour Party got more. Although they won just nine seats.

Indeed coal and gas had long been identified as inefficient.He further implied an unofficial stoppage at the Hardy Spicer component firm was threatening the motor industry with closures.


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In the foreground of Labour's economic policies stood the idea of "indicative planning which "involved the government consulting with employers and workers to compile a series of target growth rates for the coming period" and thus create stability by giving the different industries the opportunity.The Labour campaign was based around Harold Wilson, who was plugged as a man of the people.Labour managed to improve Britain's balance of payments position impressively by turning the inherited Conservative record deficit of 800 million pounds into a comfortable surplus in 1970.

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