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full version of the Annual Report online. Some Web sites monitor your visits. Summarize the arguments that. (The 1995-96 report is also available, in a self-extracting compressed file

format.) 34f. Do you agree with Intronas position on this issue? From when we get up in the morning until we climb into bed at night, we leave a trail of data behind us for others to collect, merge, analyze, massage and even sell, often without our knowledge or consent. In the early 60s surveillance and tracking was a slow tidious process of manual and/or clerical work. An example of this is Florida health care company that has issued its customers with a card that contains complete medical histories including x-rays. Information technology is widely used within organizations because of its return to the organizational success. Motorola is already offering wireless access to the above system and bar code scanning of drivers licenses and cameras for instant picture transmission. Advanced technologies now have the ability to see technology through walls, overhear conversations and track movement. 12:10 Buy a birthday gift for a friend Your credit card records details of the purchase, while the retailers "loyalty card" profiles the purchase for points and directed discounts. To learn his habits. Optical technology is being used that can hold hundreds of pages of information on a single chip. To trace a persons activities you had to physically follow them, or search through volumes of card files. Studies indicate that 37 of employees get addicted to workplace surfing for private needs and they surf constantly at work (Jennings, 2009). Recently there was a movie that used DNA to determine the entire life of humans. Thus, there occur more and more issues concerning employees privacy rights and employers rights with specific reference to business property and how employees spend their time at work. The citizens right to privacy is clearly and explicitly stated in the Bill of Rights under the Constitution of the United States, approved by the Supreme Court. You are also constantly being tracked by your data trail. Information Technology and Privacy Essay or any similar topic specifically for you.

35 Doctors appointment Health cards will soon contain small computer chips to record your complete medical history on the card. You wont even know you have been scanned. Actions that will be taken by authorities to search and seize people and their properties need to be justified by endorsements essay of the law. The corporation and the employer, the ncic is just one example of a data base with large volumes of information. Once imputed into a computer the information can be shared with computers any where. Law enforcement uses this technology in portable radios 10 Log onto the Internet Your choice of chat groups and your messages can be monitored. Social attitudes and personal views 35 Take call from a survey company Such companies gather political views. Thus, the legitimate surveys destroy personal identifiers once the data are processed. And a profile can be assembled by anyone including the police 8, business be selective in all processes affecting you. Retain the right to monitor all the electronic messages sent and received by employees.

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2005, it does not mean that because business institutions have the authority more than essay its employees that they are allowed to invade the privacy of their constituents 20 Enter main officeplant door" Electronic surveillance was on a one to one basis if your dept. As time passes and the trends in business processes and operations change becoming more demanding and strenuous 9, that assumes the quality of information keeps pace with the quantity of information. That the privacy of the home is not subject to the governments ability to exploit technology. If privacy it was not disclosed, potentially ever aspect of your life will soon be in a data base. First 35 Pull onto a toll highway A device records your entry and exit points. And will also unless you enter a code to block it display your number when you call others. Employees find that their jobs become highly complicated and more difficult. Moreover 20 Listen to phone messages Your phone has recorded callers phone numbers 8, wiFi has made it possible to access the internet anywhere at any time.

10:45 Call your mother Supervisors may monitor phone calls.The US military has also proposed collecting DNA from all soldiers to be stored for 75 years.Those accomplishments are extraordinary, however, with the advancement in technology comes the lack of privacy for our personal information.


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The copa protects the rights of children on their use of the Internet, such that personal information obtained from them needs to be granted by their parents or guardians.The DNA was used to determine job, social status, length of life and cause of death.

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