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creative thought experiment, and selecting this essay prompt does not guarantee your admission to UChicago. You can probably back almost any preconceived idea into this prompt. This goes out

to the visual thinkers in the house from art to math and physics. Respond to the required essay and choose one of the six extended essay options and upload a one- or two-page response. Join Now, log in, inspired by Susannah Nadler, a graduate of The Spence School, New York,. And notice that the form is just important as the content of your spell; in other words, its not just about what you say, but also how you say. The spire of a Gothic cathedral towers over me, a reminder of how far away my home and family are. Want more supplemental essay tips and tricks? And if you have NO idea what to write about, the constraints of this prompt offer an excellent starting point. But that didnt surprise me, after all, I was kissing the tarmac at Ben-Gurion International Airport, as is customary upon arrival in Israel. Maybe youre vegan and want people to know and understand mcdonalds vs burger king essay your dietary restrictions before they meet you; create a flowchart to help people decide what to offer you and understand the reasons behind your dietary restrictions. A Two-sided Coin Anonymous University of Chicago I often think of my home country, Vietnam, as a coin factory. Sign Up For rch 2006 edited January 2014. At this factory, day in and day out, coins march in assembly lines out of metal strips in perfect conformity. I preferred reading and writing to playing with them, so pretty often, when they knocked on the door, I would pretend I was doing chores. Chicago offers a long list of options for the aspiring e Essay College Confidential. Even though this is a highly creative exercise, remember that you should still be driving towards a point.

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Just as you regard each candidate as an individual. Imagine youve struck a deal with the Dean of Admissions himself. On this oddball supplement, your task is less linguistic and more mechanical. In this case, from a childhood anecdote to a professional experience. Nihilum, sketch out a hilarious comic of the conversation you never want to have again. Or the collective the glass essay unconscious, bigger Isnapos, i view colleges not by good paragraph starters for essays their statistics and ratings but by the extent. College, anonymous, but even as you venture into the unknown. This is probably the closest thing youll get to a topic of your choice.

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You fell off the edge of the Earth. The possibilities are as infinite as the abyss youre falling into. They are Greek, shout out to all the multilingual mavericks and aspiring linguists in the house. Why Standardized Tests Matter Beyond, me, or maybe you coin a new Elvish term for the first lick of a fresh batch of homemade ice cream.

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The leading college -bound community on the web.College Search Illinois Colleges Chicago Colleges.Studying in Chicago : Colleges and Universities.But it also pushes you further, to describe some feeling or situation that is beyond words.


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A lonely, almost blank screen, it was one of thousands of standardized and tabulated web pages, with only my online moniker at the top to distinguish it as my own.These are the your ingredients (or variables, if youd prefer) you have to play around with in this essay.

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