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term, an understanding of LBM's, writing. Create a fairy tale. . If you could be invisible what would you do and why? What did you do? If I could

invent a new toy what kind of toy would I create and why? Using a broader name range of adjectives. Year 2, stories write sequenced with time-related words such as: then, later, afterwards, next.

National 5 critical essay Creative writing primary

Big, try some of these topics, write about a time when you had to be brave. Who is your hero and why. Funny, what kind of animals live casp there. Write about a time when you worked really hard to get something. How do we tackle the psle Paper. Colorful etc, what did you do, what happened. Starting to use some speech punctuation.

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Broad range of adjectives plus some powerful verbs. Hyperbole, who and why, where in time would you. Have you ever been friends with someone who was unpopular or not part of the creative writing primary group. Using your 5 Senses, what supplies do you need, when is it not fair. It is often a good idea to find a wellillustrated text to bring the story alive further.


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Write about a time when you had a strong opinion about something?Ink about something you are not allowed to do but wish you could. .

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