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of floods in Pakistan. The swollen rivers, during monsoon months, often burst their banks and dams causing a deluge. Rapid flooding events more often occur on smaller rivers rivers with steep valleys or rivers that flow for much of their length over impermeable terrain. Sometimes men and women can be seen clinging to the trees or crying for help on the roofs of their houses during floods. Ultimately we had to vacate our houses and went to our farm where we were safe. When there are floods government starts relief works on a massive scale with the cooperation of the public essay on flood for class 6 at large. Flood in My Village, it was the rainy season and for one whole week, the rain poured incessantly. It is much above the level of the surrounding earth. Meanwhile, a large number of people has to shift towards the safe place. . In Sindh, hurricanes and massive winds may sometimes carry seawater which is another reason for flooding. . Something very effective and lasting must be done to prevent floods and huge recurring losses of men and material caused by them. The effect of this flood in neighbouring villages was very great. Nearly all the mud houses wren washed away by the swift current of water. The government of Pakistan every year makes plans and efforts to avoid this natural disaster. . By aforestation on a vast scale in the catchment areas and slopes of the mountains, etc., we can minimise the floods. There are already some river-projects undertaken jointly by India and Nepal, but more cooperative efforts by both the countries should be made in the areas of flood-control, afforestation, conservation and water-storage for power-generation and irrigation.

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These excess water raises the sea level essay on flood for class 6 that ultimately is affecting the rivers to flow over its banks. The affected people live without shelter. Had there been no floods and droughts. The people were rendered homeless, india would have essay on flood for class 6 been a very prosperous country because it is mainly an agricultural country.

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Recent flood events have raised many questions that has to be taken into account to take necessary and precautionary measures so essay on flood for class 6 that human lives could be protected from various types of flood. Torrential rain, the powerful storm resulted in landslides. Floods enrich the soil and help in moving logs from heights to the plains. Conlusion, here we were given hot drinks.

The Government officers had mad arrangement for a big camp.Sometimes the rainfall is heavy.Indiscriminate destruction of forests, trees and vegetation cover of the vast areas of land is another cause of floods.


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3 Minute Read, there are few places on Earth where people need not be concerned about flooding.We saw big sheet of water all round.

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