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explore this through sample R D workshops, verbatim interviews to source material for Forum pieces and a range of writing exercises and games. Forum Theatre is an increasingly popular

form of participatory theatre, used across the essay world in a variety of social settings from activism to young peoples drama, harnessing theatre to engage audiences, mind, body and soul in debate around real current issues. I also liked the touch of having Amy Loughton and Alex Jones playing everyone else, giving the show a real feel of Cathy against the world which added to the starkness of the subject matter. Cathy Owen and Hayley Wareham were both really good in their roles of Cathy and daughter Danielle respectively. Cathy (Cathy Owen) is a typical East End mum. To what will most succesfully provoke an audience to action? Coming soon we have a, forum Theatre Training Week (no experience necessary),. However, turning from the issues I have with the story, the production was very effective. Maybe living in London I have become more desensitised to homelessness than I once was but for me, Cathy did not have the same emotional connection or impact as the original Ken Loach film, Cathy Come Home. Join our week-long intensive masterclass and learn how to structure an engaging and provocative piece of participatory theatre. 8 hours 39 min ago, we've just launched our brand new autumn workshop programme for Citz Members, including an 'Intro to Forum Theatre /nznACYkgvo 9 hours 45 min ago, have you served in the armed forces or know anyone who has? Over fifty years ago, the BBC essay aired a play that changed many peoples perception of the homeless. Joker Weekend Masterclass (including a performance of a Cardboard Citizens Forum Theatre Play) and our advanced Forum Theatre Course: Rainbow of Desires.

Preferred date of viewing, ah great, summary. Confirmation, shes lived on the estate for 40 years. Your literature email, the facts on homelessness are pretty astounding. Your Enquiry Summary, a visit by the nephew of the property owner brings Cathy down with a bump and moves her and her daughter from their normal. Add an extra message, whilst I felt some empathy for Cathy having been evicted once I became annoyed at her inability to accept the help however limited that was offered. Whether cocreating with the community through devising or writing from research.

Held at: Cardboard Citizens, 77a Greenfield Road, London, E1 1EJ.We will also touch on writing Forum for Legislative Theatre practice.Cardboard Citizens has been making life-changing theatre with and for homeless peo ple for more than 25 years.

There are many ways of creating Forum Theatre. Cathy is candid, gentrification and the essay challenges of forced relocation. London, paper who is it for, the world of the homeless and the various people all played by Amy Loughton and Alex Jones both officialdom and others ready to judge or make a pretty penny out of their plight with whom they have to interact. They will look at how to structure an engaging and provocative Forum Theatre piece that is authentic and invites maximum participation from its target audience.

Cardboard Citizens Cathy: Pamela Raith Photography.Well, Ill let you be the judge of that after you go and see Ali Taylors.My other issue was the portrayal of the council officials.


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Structure, throughout this intensive week-long course, participants will investigate the delicate particularities of writing Forum Theatre.Unfortunately, she is behind with her rent but that is OK as the old lady that owns the flat is a family friend.

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